Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here goes...

I had a few things I wanted to share, but not enough to devote a separate post to each so, I'm going to lay a bunch of random things on you all in one post.  Here goes...

1.  Lucy at Charm About You is hosting a Fugly Fabric Party next week and I'm in!  It will be a link-up party where people are giving fabrics they no longer love away.  There will be giveaways, offers to trade, etc.  I'll be linking up with some vintage fabrics I bought on ebay that I'll never use along with some newer fabrics, including a Moda turnover.  Make sure to check in next week to see what I'm and everyone else is offering.

Charm About You

2.  I signed up for another round of the NuBees Block Swap on Flickr.  It's a lot of fun.  6 of us are grouped together and we each make 5 of the same block, but one in each of the requested colors of our other "hive" members.  Then we send them off and wait for ours to show up.  Last time I randomly selected red, blue and yellow as my block colors and then regretted it because while I love those colors, they don't go with ANYTHING I have.  But, I decided to stick with them and make a quilt for Oren's teacher this year.  She was my mentor teacher when I was just starting out and more like my school Mom than anything else.  My Mom lives 2 hours away, and I could always count on Mrs. K for a hug or stern advice in a pinch.  Now, she is Oren's kg teacher and I couldn't be happier.  She loved him before he was ever born and now she gets to help set his foundation for the rest of his school career.  Here's my inspiration mosaic:

NuBees Inspiration Mosaic Feb 2012
Click through to my flickr photstream for the links to each of these photos.

3.  I also signed up for a "traditional" bee featuring modern blocks, based on the Modern Blocks book that's out right now.  I don't know anyone else in the group, but I took a chance and signed up.  My month is not till November, so I've got lots of time to plan and figure out what I want.  The group moderator sent out her fabrics and block choice first.  She chose a modern cross block using red as the background.  She sent a great turquoise and lime green polka dot, but said we're welcome to mix up the fabric for the crosses if we choose.  

4.  This month for do. Good Stitches, Michonne chose the block for our Empower Group and she chose Lee's ribbon star in these adorable colors.  My favorites!  

Yellow & Aqua Inspiration

Freshly Pieced Ribbon Star Block by Watch Meesh Run

I can't wait to get started on these!  Actually, I'd LOVE a whole quilt for me of this.  Hmm....  Maybe I just solved what I'll be asking for in my bee after all...

5.  Jennifer (who is such a doll) from Knotted Thread is hosting her first ever Swap.  It's a polka dot charm swap.  If you're interested, hurry over, because she's just taking the first 28 volunteers!  I'm in.  Anybody else interested?

Okay, I'm off to run.  I got 4 miles in on Monday and I'm shooting for that again today.  I am slow and clunky-looking for sure, but I'm not an accomplished runner.  I'm me, growing and working towards what I would like to become.  And that's what we're all doing in everything, isn't it?


  1. I love your colorful mosaic! It's sure to be an eye catching quilt! Sounds like you have a winner in your teacher! You RUN four miles? Wow. I walk four miles and I thought I was doing not to shabby:) You go!

  2. four miles? psh i gave up running/walking.. biking goes much quicker.. stationary biking that is :)
    thanks for mentioning the swap!!

  3. very fun mosaic for Oren's teacher's quilt! I'm in a Modern Blocks bee, too, and I'm pretty sure my month is November as well. You amaze me with your running! Maybe one day I'll be there, but for now I'll just be inspired by you and your cute shoes!

  4. yay for the modern blocks bee!

  5. Great mosaic and i love those colours too. Hurrah for running and growing!! :)

  6. Lovely post! Good luck with the running!

  7. Is that a little flower of pin cushions? It's so cute! I love the accessories that come with hobbies. I'm always trying to upgrade my studio. The next thing on my list is a giant girly hanging wall cabinet for all of my essential oils.

    P.S. I tagged you in a game blog post today. You totally don't need to feel obligated to play, I usually never do. My computer was on the fritz and gave me a free day. Just wanted to pass on the info anyway!


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