Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday

  I've got a new work in progress!  I think instead of overloading myself with all of the many projects I have in various stages of done-ness, from now on, I will concentrate my WIP posts on my current WIP with a list at the bottom of other in-progress projects for my own sure will feel nice to check some of those off!

But for today, I've got this to show you:

We have some dear friends who are expecting their second little girl any day.  It has been a long and slow process to have both girls, and they weren't sure they'd ever have more than one.  I think the Momma had just about given up hope on ever having a second child when they found out they were pregnant with number 2.

So... I wanted to give them something special from us.  I haven't been able to get it done ahead of time because they hadn't chosen a name and I love to include that on special baby quilts.  But, they're ready with the first name and still unsure about the middle, so I'm going with what they'be got and cranking this quilt out.

I wanted something simple for me so I can get it done quickly in case Baby decides to come early, so I'm going with a raw-edge applique squares design with baby's name hand-embroidered near the bottom.  See the paper there, I'm going to trace one of the versions of Sydney onto the fabric for embroidering.  What do you think?  Top or bottom?

When I asked what nursery theme they were going with, my friend told me they were re-using their first child's bedding.  She'd wanted to go with a pink and brown set, but decided to save money and just use the bedding they already had.  So, I knew what my color scheme would be--her desired pink and brown!

For the back, I'm not sure if I have a big enough piece of pink, so I'm going to supplement with some strips of pink and brown to fill in.

Today I'm planning on getting the name embroidered and the top, batting and backing pinned together.  Then I'll just sew the squares down and it'll count for both assembly and quilting in one fell swoop.  Then a binding and this gift will be ready to give.

The kids are going to Grandma's this afternoon, so I'm hoping to have a few hours today to make serious progress with this quilt.  That is, after I tackle Mount Laundry and try to find my kitchen counters under all of the school papers and STUFF that seems to mulitply overnight on them!!

As to those other WIP's lurking in the's a list:
--do. Good Stitches quilt for May--yikes!  I've still got to piece the rows, find a backing and quilt this baby!
--Carrie's secret project--yes, my sister's Christmas present from last year.  Almost done, one good workday and this baby should be nearing completion.  Just got to find that day to do it!
--Summer Sampler quilt--I HATED the red sashing I chose for it.  Well, not the red, just the way I sashed them, so it's all coming off and I've got to order more red and go back to work on getting this top done.

We're going to stop there as I've got some other things in mind and probably a few other things buried in my WIP basket, but why ruin a great day with too much baggage, right?

Make sure to head over to Lee's for a link up of all kinds of great WIP posts.  The inspiration is staggering.  There are so many creative people in this blogging community.


  1. Sydney's quilt is going to be cute! My vote goes for the writing on the bottom. And I totally hear you on the school papers! It is insane how much paper gets sent home with the kids, and I've only got one in school! Good luck finding the time to work on all those projects!

  2. A great looking start there! I think it should go across the top so it doesn't get dragged around on the floor etc too much =D


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