Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have a question for y'all today involving my WIP.  I got out all of the blocks from when I was the quilter-in-charge of our Empower group of do. Good stitches a few months back.  And...I'm not sure.  I asked for patchwork blocks framed in white.  And, I asked if they so chose, to send a 12.5" square of fabric to mix in with the patchwork blocks.  I thought I'd add them in every so often to "grow" the quilt and to add some interest.

But after laying it all out, something doesn't feel right.  Some of the solid-fabric squares are way too patterned to blend with the rest of the quilt and I'm just not sure where to go from here.

Between us, Emma and I laid out a ton of different things, but nothing is feeling like YES!  I love the blocks the girls sent me.  They're great.  It's just laying it all out to make the quilt shine that I'm having trouble with.'s where I'm at now:

Again--trouble with blogger and my pictures...I apologize for the fuzziness of which doesn't exist in my photo-editing software.
But I am not sold on this...I am not sure about the 4-patch in the middle, let alone those 4 specific fabric pieces.  I am completely open to switching them out with something from my own stash.  Chris says I should add blue and red squares in there instead of the multi-colored prints.  I am also not sure if I even like this layout.  I have 6 big squares I could mix in throughout the quilt, although some blend better than others.  I could nix the big squares and just make 4 more patchwork squares myself to unify the quilt...

So, I'm asking y'all...what do you think??  Lay it on me, I'm all ears...  Any and all suggestions no matter how much they vary from this design are welcome.

And I'm linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday as usual.  Head over to check out what everyone else is working on too!


  1. Ok, I'm laying it on ya...I love the patchwork blocks but I'd nix those big squares. I think they are just too big and different. With that number of patchwork blocks you can't really do a fun, off-centered odd block. Will your quilt be big enough without them? Maybe you could cut them down a bit and frame them with white like the others and randomly intersperse them? I hope I'm not sounding too critical! I'm sure whatever you come up with will be fabulous!

  2. I have to agree with Toni, the patchwork blocks are great and the solid blocks just don't seem to go. I would make more patchwork blocks (sorry to suggest more work for you) to make the whole quilt out of them.

  3. What would those blocks look like on the 4 corners instead of in teh centre? But really, I'd rather see more patchwork blocks - yum!!! It will look brilliant when done.

  4. That's three for gettin' rid of the big squares. I would either make more blocks or rearrange into a 4x5 layout and possibly a bright red sashing. Another thought, put the blocks on point/diamond configuration and use setting triangles to fill the gaps. Just my $.02 and trying to give some options :) I love the patchwork and think it will be adorable when it's done.

  5. I'd get rid of the center squares too. Rather than make more blocks, how about frame the existing ones wide enough to make it all big enough.

  6. I agree...sorry...but the patchwork center is not working. I think those blocks are SUPER adorable.

    My advice is to maybe to do a large patchwork center with either the same sized patchworks like the blocks, or slightly larger with the white sashing around it...possibly a bit thicker than the smaller blocks. Does that make sense?

  7. With me, the vote is unanimous so far. I don't feel like the large squares of print work with the rest of your quilt.

    I think that you should use the fabric to make some more patchwork squares. If you want to mix it up, you could add in a few squares that are solid white in the middle (maybe even do a little embroidery on the white) and then frame them with patchwork.

  8. I say get rid of those big blocks in the middle - and do a patchwork sashing between all the white blocks! If you sew the patchwork blocks together - then you have a lot of white touching. But you could make a fun patchwork sashing to criss cross between all your nice white bordered patchwork blocks. Maybe a finished 1 inch? Or if you want more length on the quilt - two inches? Good luck Kelli!

  9. I like the patchwork sashing idea - it would break up the white. You could even alternate the little patchwork squares with some white and make the small squares stand out even more. But definitely no to the centre 4-patch. :(

  10. I would go with more patchwork blocks, myself. I love some nice clean white sashing!


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