Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hey y'all!  I got a late start with this post today because I spent the morning at school helping with the vision and health screenings.  It always makes me laugh to spend a day with kids.  That is the part of teaching I miss the most.  Conversations with kids.  They have all of the best parts of people without the life experiences to make them hard like we adults sometimes get.

But this afternoon I spent a little time with my sewing machine and some little squares to make blocks for my Nubees pals.  I love this group and am so glad I found it.  Each month 4-5 ladies (and maybe a few gentlemen somewhere in the mix) are teamed up to make blocks for each other.  I choose my color palette, my hive mates choose the design.  This is the group that sent me enough blocks to make a quilt for Oren's teacher last year and another quilt I've got in the works but haven't shown you yet.  

After playing in Electric Quilt for a few minutes the other day (man, do I need a tutorial on this, because I am nowhere near using it to it's potential), I chose a pattern called Grandmother's Cross.  I LOVE little patchwork squares (obviously) in any style, but I thought this one had a fun, modern touch to it.

So I cut a bunch of squares (20 for each of 4 blocks) and some setting triangles and went to town.  I've got one completed and the other 3 are 2 steps away.

Here's my completed block.  She asked for almost the exact same colors I did with a mix of teal/turquoise, yellow/gold, lime green and a gray or tan background.  I LOVE this block!  I'm going to have to make one for myself as well.

So, that's what I'm working on this Wednesday.  But before I finish up, I'm off to run.  Did I mention on here that I'm training??  I signed up for a half-marathon at Disney in February.  Crazy, I know.  I've never participated in a race and I go and sign up for a half!'s all about a goal, right?

So, even though I hate them, I'm off to run some sprints.  I may possibly be the slowest runner on this Earth, so I'm working on quickening my pace.  And by quickening my pace, I mean I'm hoping that I can beat some old ladies I saw out for their morning stroll the other day.  ;)

But don't forget that today is WIP Wednesday, so make sure to head over to Lee's to check out what everyone else is up to.


  1. beautiful blocks you have going there!! And congrats on the training- impressive!

  2. Kelli, that block is really great! And you are still my hero with your running. I wish you were my neighbor so you could come to my house and make me run! Good luck with the training, you picked a good month to run a race down there!

  3. Those blocks look great and good luck with the marathon!

  4. I love your block! Makes me want to get out my squares and try one :)

    Good luck with your half marathon! I have two friends who are running their first ones next month and in Nov and it's quite the commitment!

  5. Some great looking blocks there! All those fun colours!

    Good luck with the training, just try to go power walking everyday =D

  6. Love those colors! And you've inspired me to run again......Starting tomorrow. Lol.


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