Monday, September 10, 2012


So, I got a package in the mail Saturday afternoon that made me smile.  It had been a long day and we were headed out to the second birthday party of the day (during the Gator game which I had missed the first half of at party #1).

This beauty was staring at me when I opened the package.

Turns out, while I was kinda on a blog posting/reading hiatus I'd won a giveaway at Jennifer's blog.  But I didn't see the notice on the blog and the email she sent me went to my junk folder so I didn't know and she drew a new winner.  :(

I saw the email like an hour later!  Boo!  But I don't blame her one bit, she waited a week!  And I emailed her back to tell her that I completely understood and just wanted her to know that I had eventually gotten the email and I was sorry I hadn't answered earlier.

Well, being the sweet person that she is, she asked for my address so she could send me something anyway.  I told her that wasn't necessary at all, but if she felt compelled to send me something small.  It wasn't her fault I didn't answer in time.

And she outdid herself--this is her something small--a hand-quilted mini quilt which happens to be in my favorite colors!

Check out the back--it's so cute!!!

And not only that, but she sent these cute fabrics too.

If you haven't ever been over to Ellison Lane Quilts, you are missing out.  Jennifer is incredibly talented and so giving too.  :)

I love being a part of this special community where we come together to celebrate each other in so many ways.   I want to thank Jennifer for making my day and to thank each one of you who comes here and reads my rambles.  It means a lot to know I have friends all over who get what I get.  :)


  1. Wow how sweet of her! Such a gorgeous mini! =D

  2. Jennifer really is one of the sweetest people in the online quilting community. I've been following her blog for a good long while now and I still enjoy reading her posts and getting to know her better. :)

  3. What a fun mini! I saw that you had won and almost emailed you to congratulate you. You are right, Jennifer is really sweet!


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