Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A-corny snack for Thanksgiving

See how I did that there...a-corny snack and my snack is little acorns.  I know, I'm incredibly witty...

For such a bad joke, I gave y'all a bad picture of me...how's that for fair?!?

I told Oren's teacher last week that I'd seen a really cute snack online that I thought would be cute for Thanksgiving--little acorns.  We've all seen the Oreo turkeys, the marshmallow pilgrim hats, etc and those are super cute and I've made them in the past.  But I thought these acorn snacks were cute and different.  She agreed, so I went in today to share them with his class.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me just mention that I am totally ripping off the girls from Our Best Bites here as they featured both of these acorns a couple of weeks ago.  So, I'm not going to give you the recipe or tutorial, because Sara did such a great job already.  

This is our assembly line in action

The kids and I made the little acorns last night so they icing would have time to set up and they'd be more solid for snack time.  Oren unwrapped all of the kisses for me (we used dark--yum!) and Emma put all the kisses on the Nutter Butter Bites after I dotted a little icing on there.  Actually-Sara mentions using chocolate frosting or some melted chocolate chips for this step, but I had some black glitter decorating icing in a tube and I used that.  It worked great and I didn't have to buy anything extra or get another bowl dirty.  :)  We did it assembly line, meaning we attached all of the kisses, waited an hour or so and then I came back and added all of the mini chocolate chips with a tiny dot of icing as well.

I think this new lens is helping--I almost look like a food blogger!  ;)

But, I saved the donut hole acorns to make with Oren's class.  I made a few at home to practice and I changed 2 things to Sara's directions--I used Nutella instead of melted chocolate because I knew I'd be at school and that would save me time and headache and I didn't cut an end off to make it flat.  I found this made it harder to spread the Nutella because the donut kept breaking off.  I spread the Nutella and then let the kids choose from a few toppings to make the acorn their own--we had toasted coconut, chopped pecan pieces, chocolate sprinkles and some leftover Halloween sprinkles.  Who am I to curb their creativity with realism??

The kids loved their fall snack and I'm sure their parents loved it too since we ate them about 15 minutes before they headed home for Thanksgiving break--chocolate, sugary donuts and more chocolate--yes!

This is a super easy project to do with kids and makes a great gift or centerpiece idea.  We bagged up a few for the teachers and sent them to school with a fall-inspired paper folded over the top of the bag and tied.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of that, but I figured a picture wasn't worth a tardy slip, you know?

I'm linking these up with Debbie for Tuesday at the Table.  Go see what other great ideas are there for Thanksgiving (if you're American) and fall in general (for everyone else!).


  1. Very fun kid snacks! I loved making goodies like this when my kids were little. Did you see these nutter butter acorns on the pic I shared a few weeks ago of my brother-in-law's wedding cake??

  2. Those are so cute! I have never seen the donut hole acorns before. These snacks seem much more do-able with little kids than those crazy turkeys and pilgrims! And I'm sure you are the favorite parent at school!


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