Monday, November 5, 2012

My life...

gets busy.
is full right now.
consists of managing the schedules of 4 people. I have no idea how we have so much going on!
is so blessed that I'm not sure I could ask for more.

Sorry for the disappearing act, but life got full and something had to give.  In January, I spoke of balance.  Finding balance between all of the many jobs I try and do.  I am yet to find that balance.  I find that I flit from one thing to the next and that when push comes to shove, the part of my life that gets left behind is the part that is solely me.  That way I'm not letting anyone down but myself.  That way, everyone has what they need.  Except for me...

Except that when I lose my creativity--my time for sewing, knitting, blog-reading, book-reading, bible-reading, prayer time--I lose the glue that holds the rest of me together too.  So I slog through what has to be accomplished and feel tired every night.

And so it was last week.  Between PTO responsibilities, Halloween, celebrating Chris' birthday, homework, dance classes, Homecoming Week and the annual Run for Fun at school, there wasn't any time left for anything else... schedule is opening up.  My shoulders are feeling the burden lifted.  My creativity is rising up.

Balance is something I will need to continue to focus on and work harder at.  Balance is apparently not my strong point.  But, it is something that God has given me ample opportunity to work on.  And so I will...

I'm leaving you today with a smile.  Yes, Oren was an old-school ghost and yes, I did curl and spray-paint Emma's hair red.  It was awesome and I think she has quite a future as a red-head.  Her Daddy just grimaced and said he better buckle up for this ride.  ;)

I'll be back tomorrow...hopefully!


  1. It is good to realise you need a break, it is part of blogging as well! Glad your creativity is back!

  2. Sweet pic of the kids! Do take care! It IS hard to find that balance!

  3. Their costumes turned out great!! :)

  4. The red hair is too cute.
    Good luck finding the "me" time. Well, it's easy to find, it's harder to actually use it instead of doing something "more important".


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