Friday, November 16, 2012

One Random Friday

Hey y'all!  I know everyone has been doing random Thursday posts and linking to Really Random Thursdays, but I just couldn't swing it yesterday.  So--you get a whole bunch of randomness on Friday instead.

1.  I FINALLY joined instagram.  I don't know why I held out so long other than "all the cool kids were doing it."  Then the day after I signed up I saw this post from Deborah at Whipstitch and straight up laughed because it is exactly how I felt.  Really, if you don't already follow Deborah you should.  She was one of the first people I "met" when finding my way into the world of blogging/blogs/fabric-minded people on the internet and I've followed her ever since.   So--I'm Kelliw6 if you want to watch me figure out instagram and post way more about my life than anyone probably cares about but why not since everyone else is doing it...

2.  I am way behind on the plank challenge that I mentioned a few weeks back because I honestly forgot about it altogether.  But I am keeping up with my miles for Pile on the Miles pretty well.  So far in November I've ran/walked 29 miles so far this month already and am doing at least 10 tomorrow.  I have skipped my sprint/speed training for the last 2 weeks because I am lazy and I hate it, so I'm 2 miles behind this week, but  whatever...  I'm still pretty happy with how I'm doing with it.

3.  My sewing machine has been in the shop which is why there's been no sewing going on.  I just got it back Wednesday, but I had planned to have me sewing room/office all cleaned up by the time it came home and I don't have that done yet.  So I am kinda punishing myself by not sewing until it gets done.  Which means it's still in it's little case as I don't trust myself not to sew if it's set up and plugged in and ready.  haha

4.  I've been knitting a little every evening on my sweater.  After doing 10-15 rows and hating it and ripping it all out and restarting 2 more times I have made significant progress (for me, not like in getting close to being done) and knitted enough that I have 2 buttonholes done.  I'm almost ready to start the lace design part which will be incredibly new to me and probably challenging since I only tend to knit at night when I'm tired and trying to watch Castle or NCIS or Duck Dynasty or something else compelling.

found via Ravelry

5.  I changed up a few things on the blog the other night.  I need to make a new header and maybe update my sidebars a little, but it's kinda intimidating, so I'm keeping it lowkey for now.  In other words, I'm not sure what to do, so I'm just going to ignore the problem for now until inspiration or a free redesign from a blog-design guru strikes.

6.  Both kiddos had their Thanksgiving lunch at school yesterday and I came to eat with them.  Oren ended up getting chicken nuggets instead of the dinner.  What?  A bunch of the kids did.  Emma got the whole shebang and ate some of it.  I ate mine.  Boy do I love a good $3.35 cafeteria style Thanksgiving dinner.  Seriously--except for I got a bunch of dark turkey meat...and they forgot to put out butter for my whole wheat roll.  But on a whole, it was my Thanksgiving warmup!  haha

7.  I am mentioning something I'm thankful for each day on facebook this month and my list includes both the big things (the people) and the little things (my compression socks and my comfy bed).  Most nights I have a hard time deciding what to be thankful for because I am so very blessed.  It's hard to just choose one thing.  So...I wanted you to know I'm thankful for each of you as well.  :)

I'll be back soon with sewing content.  I promise...


  1. Followed you on Instagram! ;-) Too bad about the sewing room clean up (I've been meaning to too!) but yay about the knitting (impressed) and the THANKSGIVING WARM UP!

  2. I am SO glad you are on Instagram now! And I agree with Debbie, very impressed with the knitting. That has just never clicked with me. Also, glad to hear you watch Duck Dynasty, I always feel a little silly that I enjoy that show so much, so its nice to know other normal people like it, too!

  3. Alright, so being all stalkerish, I just started following you on IG and I noticed you are now brunette! I love it!

  4. What fabulous randomness! And since my link is open for like five days (I think) I'm really glad you linked up this week! I will look for you on IG--it's addicting so be prepared.


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