Monday, February 21, 2011

A Public Service Announcement (oh, and some hairbows too)

Well, I'm not doing my usual Monday Munchies today because I have a public service announcement for you instead....
  Just because the weather is beautiful, and you are so glad to be living in Florida where the temperatures reach 80 in February and other parts of the country are still being hit with snow, don't forget your sunscreen in February.  Going to a birthday party at the park during the peak hours of sun (11-2) is not a time to bask in the forgotten rays.  And forgetting your SPF face lotion before you get ready is really not smart.  Nor is continuing to sit in the sun for 15 more minutes when you feel the insides of your arms beginning to burn.  Is everyone with me that sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure is important?  Does everyone understand that I'm saving you a very hard lesson that I (re)learned this weekend?  Oh, you want proof that I'm a dummy?  Well, just because I'm trying to save you from some heart (and severe skin) ache, here you go...

  Yes, this is me with absolutely no makeup and no editing.  Now that is some raccoon eyes if I ever saw some!  My little camera man saw my camera sitting by the computer and said "Mama, can I take your picture?"  I laughed and said "I look awful, remember, my face is all burned."  He said, "No, really, Mama, you look just perfect."  How could I say no to that.  And by the way...this picture doesn't even do my burn justice.  It's much more red than this and this doesn't even show my purple shoulders or shins!!  Chris is sure I'm going to peel all over and I think he's probably right...the only good thing about peeling would be I can start over and not spend the spring and summer with these ridiculous tan lines on my face!

  But since I couldn't go outside and enjoy this lovely weather this long weekend, I decided to whip up some more headbands.  But then I decided to just make the bow part and let the recipient decide if they want it attached to a headband or clip.  I started off with a version similar to what I made Saturday for the party only I used fabric instead of felt, so I pinked the edges.  After a few of these,  I moved on to some free style attempts with tulle and an old present topper that I'd saved to make into a hair bow one day.  After I took this picture, I even made a braided headband ala Kristin but I went for a double strand.  This one's got to stay around here because my ends need a little work, but I'll post pictures soon.  I don't think I'm quite done with hair bows and headbands just yet.  I've got a lot more inspiration to work through...

Stay warm if you've still got snow.  Stay outdoors if the weather is beautiful...but please, wear sunscreen!!  Take it from me!

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