Monday, February 28, 2011

A 10 minute project takes all week

Sorry for the non-posting last week.  Have you ever started an "easy" project so you'll have something accomplished only to find it gets more and more time consuming?  Well, between Oren's stomach issues (we're more than 2 weeks since the first diarrhea/vomiting issue--yes, we went to the Dr. today), and my sunburn, I decided I'd take a shirt/dress I'd bought for Emma weeks ago and refashion it.  "It'll only take an afternoon," I thought, and then hopefully we'll all feel better.  Well, that afternoon project got finished up last night.  See, it started out as this shirt...  Well, actually not this shirt.  Since I bought mine on clearance I can't find a picture of it online and I didn't take one.  So imagine this shirt but in a dark wash denim color, pin tuck detailing all along the front bodice and with a more "slanty" neckline before the buttons start.  But this was the closest I could find online.  C'mon, you can totally imagine this shirt as a completely different shirt, right?  Same basic style!

I bought an adult small when I saw it on clearance at Walmart thinking I could take it in a little and it'd be great for Emma to layer with leggings for the winter/early spring.  Haha, like we have "early spring" around here.  It's winter till it's spring, oh wait, I mean summer!  But, it didn't fit just right and she wasn't a big fan so we put it aside till I could figure out what to do with it.

This is from The Children's Place, but when I went to link up, I couldn't find it again.  SORRY TCP!!
Then I saw this... and I had inspiration!  Okay, it would be a little different as my shirt buttoned all the way down and she wanted to keep the dress length instead of shortening it into a tunic.  But I threw myself into this Tuesday afternoon.  First I cut off the 3/4 length sleeves and transformed them into fluttery cap sleeves.  Then I took in the sides to make it fit her better.  I ruffled my extra sleeve material cut into strips for the raw-edge flowers.  I pinned one on and let her try it on...

She thought it was okay, Chris didn't like it and I wasn't sure.  He thought the sleeves were too poofy.  She only wanted to add one flower.  And me...I didn't like how my skinny 6 year old was wearing a shirt with a neckline cut down to her rib cage!  So we looked at it and decided that maybe it would be cuter as a skirt.  (May I mention here that if I'd made a skirt from the beginning, I'd have been done10 minutes after I sat down with it...)

Then I let her go to bed without measuring her waist, so I did that yesterday and quickly attached the elastic by zigzagging it to the top and folding over instead of a casing.  I really just wanted to be done!  So, here's a few picture of my sweet model wearing the tunic dress skirt this afternoon after school.  I'm still not sure about it, but it is done.  Check that one off.  And who wouldn't love taking pictures with this sweet model.  The pictures and playing with the color were way better than the project anyway!  ;)

Goodness, I love this kid!  I am one lucky Mama to have such precious children!

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