Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 Five years can seem a lifetime or a second depending on the situation.  Five years of waiting for something would be a nightmare for me with little patience, but five years of caring for someone and watching them grow can seem like time is at double speed.  My sweet and funny little boy is five years old today.
Isn't that the sweetest face?  I was in love immediately.

18 months.  Love this boy!
   He is always quick with a smile and a laugh.  He is friends with every kid he meets and adults always tell me how precious he is (I don't think they're putting me on...).  He is slower than Christmas and always has dirty fingernails.  He uses big words in normal conversation that always make me laugh and could read if he wanted to.  He could sit and watch movies or be read to all day, but he's got to act out anything we watch.  He's adventurous and hardly ever scared of anything, but also calm and extremely laid back.  He's sensitive and thoughtful, but doesn't get upset easily.  He loves all things boy--rockets, Transformers, Star Wars, balls, wrestling and loud movies.  He also really loves his Mama.  I love him too.

His 2nd birthday with his train cake.  He asked for this cake 2 years in a row!!
  I am truly blessed in all areas of my life, but when he says "I'm so glad I get to be your son," I know that God has sent a blessing to me that I will ever be grateful for.  

Tee ball--Spring 2010
Happy Birthday to my FAVORITEST boy in the whole world!!!
Christmas 2010--not scared one bit!
 We had pumpkin waffles to celebrate this morning and I took cupcakes to his class.  All the kids said, "Oren, you're the best!!"  And I brought him home early to watch a movie so he wouldn't have to take a nap at school.  Then tonight we're going to meet my sister and brother-in-law for supper at one of our favorite places nearby.  His birthday party will be's a Star Wars theme.  I'll post pictures as the day gets closer and afterwards.

Parenting is one of my greatest creative projects and he is a product of it.  I am so glad it's an unending one, because each day I spend with him makes me that much more happy.

P.S.  The last two photos are by my friend Amanda.  If you live anywhere in North Central Florida and are looking for a children's photographer, I would HIGHLY recommend her.  She is amazing and loves what she does.  She is our go-to gal when someone besides me is behind the lens!


  1. I just had a little tear. So well said, Kel. I love being his Eva!! :)

  2. Love that boy--so proud to be his Grammy!


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