Friday, March 18, 2011

It feels a little like Christmas today...

     I LOVE Spring Break.  It's that first little glimpse at summer and summer is my favorite time of year (until the temps are in the 90s for weeks and then it will be fall!!  Our family has so much time together and the weather is beautiful for all kinds of outdoor activities.  We spent the morning outside today.  The kids played while Chris dug a trench to put in a new line of sprinklers and I cleaned out the screen-enclosure around the pool.  He bought some (11) trees and they arrived yesterday afternoon so we planted them last night, but they're gonna need a set of sprinklers if they have any dream of living here.  They're from a nursery up north somewhere that's still cold and wintery.  It's 85 degrees here in March!  It sounds so boring, but it's just a little moment in our lives where we were all together just living.  And together is important to me.

This 10" square bundle is all kinds of stripes and plaids!

All of the yardage I bought.  Every bit of it was on sale.  I made out like a bandit!!

     So after a late lunch and some basketball watching I walked out in the garage to find 2 goodie-filled boxes!!  Apparently the mail lady had come and delivered the packages without knocking.  The first package was from ROBERT KAUFMAN!!  I mean, little old me, getting a package directly from the fabric company of Robert Kaufman!  I don't think I mentioned it here, but I won a fat quarter bundle of Betty Dear from Sew Mama Sew last month and it arrived today!  Then I saw that my order from Connecting Threads had arrived too!  I love looking through their catalogs with all of their unique fabrics and after I saw that no one less than Amanda Jean loved them too, I was hooked!  And while I was ordering from them, I also put in an order for a few charm packs from Quilt Taffy.  They arrived earlier this week, so now I am surrounded by yummy goodness of fabrics and ideas just waiting for me to create with them.  Here's a few pictures as right now I'm spending more time playing with my kiddos and less playing with my sewing machine and fabrics....and I'm totally okay with that!

  See ya next week when we're back on our normal schedule and I've got a little more time for crafting!

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  1. If fabrics could make your mouth water, mine is definitely saying YUM at all those beautiful goodies! Strip work skirts, stripwork dresses, patchwork plaid skirts, appliqued beach towels, headbands...I know you're a quilter but I just clothing and accessories!


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