Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Belated!!

Yesterday was my favorite (I only have one) sister's birthday and I had this beautiful blog post all thought up for the occasion.  As you can see...that didn't happen.  So instead I'll just tell you about it instead.

A few years back I emailed everyone in our family and asked them for their favorites in all kinds of dessert categories.  That way when their birthday came around, I had a list of yummies to choose from in making something for them.  Well, last year, my sister, Carrie asked if she could instead get a fruit bouquet ala Edible Arrangements.  She just knew that I could make one every bit as good as theirs for a fraction of the cost, so I ate up her flattery at my skills and set out to make one.  While it didn't look anywhere near as nice as those expensive ones (my arranging needed a little tweaking), my sister loved it.  So this year, she asked for one again.

Yesterday, the kids and I hit up the grocery store for the best looking fruits and I set to work.  I cut my skewers into all different heights and used a bunch of different fruits to arrange the "bouquet."  It was cute, still not professional, but cute.  Then I used my silhouette cutter to cut out a Happy Birthday tag for the front of the container (which was an old formula can I'd saved for just the right occasion and covered with scrapbooking paper) and a scalloped frame on the back that we signed our names in.  I filled in the can below the fruit with shredded paper.  It was looking good!  Then I forgot to take any pictures at all.  And then, I forgot to take my camera with us to dinner with my sister and her husband and some friends.

I've also ordered a very special something for my sweet sister with a birthday in March that should be arriving any day.   I had a gift in mind and it took me awhile to find something like it on Etsy, so I figured it was better to get something good and have it arrive late than buy just anything to have it on time.  I'd love to link up a picture, but that favorite sister of mine reads this little blog and that would give away the surprise, don't you think?

So since I have no pictures to show of my "completely beautiful and award-winning" fruit bouquet or the gift that's in the mail, I thought I'd make a small mosaic of pictures of Care from the last couple years.  Girl, you've got to get in front of my camera a little more often...I had to go back to our last trip to the beach for a few of these!  ;)

  Happy Belated Birthday to my favorite sister!  You are sweet, caring, kind, and a friend to all you meet.  I am blessed to be your sister and your friend.  I pray that God will grant you with the blessings you seek and that we all wish for you in this upcoming year.  Love you!!

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  1. Awww.......thanks, Kel! Love you, too!! Loving the beach ballerina picture! :) Sad day, I didn't get a picture of the arrangement before we started devouring it, but I do have one from last year....I will email it to you!!


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