Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pattern Tested

Working a little at a time I finished Jenny's pattern yesterday.  That's from laying out the fabric to trying it on Emma, including the time to applique the tiara on the bodice before ever beginning.  Jenny's pattern is great for beginning sewers and anyone who wants a quick but cute summery outfit for their little girl.
Emma picked out her own shoes.  I thought they looked cute with it.
I didn't measure Emma against the pattern before beginning because I wanted to true-test the sizes for Jenny and in the end, the top is a little too big for Em.  She has thin shoulders (like everything else on her!), and the shoulder area is a little loose.  But at least she has plenty of room to grow into it for the summer.  I did make a few changes to the pattern though to make it better suit Em for wearability.  I added the applique and encased the ruffle seam in the lining instead of attaching the lining and then the ruffles.  I know Emma and her sensitive skin and the edge of that ruffle rubbing her back and belly would mean she wouldn't wear it!

Jenny is amazing in the creations she comes up with.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you should.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to try out this pattern for her.  Anytime I can help out another blogger and get to look at this cutie smile...well that's a win-win situation for me!

Have a great week everybody.  We're on Spring Break!!!!

And after looking at the preview of this, I realized how faded these pictures look.  Excuse the photography skills...
P.S.  I'm linking this up to a few parties this week.  Check out the fun and crafty ideas at both Melissa's and Beverly's home on the web.  And if anyone can tell this newbie how to get their buttons to show up in my blogpost, I'd really appreciate it!!  ;)


  1. It's adorable--the outfit and our sweet girl!

  2. Emma looks like a very happy princess! Sooo cute!! The crown tops it off!

  3. Oh! Super cute! I love the purple.

    (What's the matter with your buttons....?)

  4. Kelli-so glad you stopped by, thanks for liking my post and leaving me a comment. You've got mad sewing skills. I'm jealous for sure. Your little girl and your son are cuties. It must be neat having a girl you can model stuff on. I can't wait till my daughter is older. Then I'm going to force, I mean let, let her model all kinds of stuff I make. :)

  5. Hey Kelli, Check my blog later - I'm featuring Emma's outfit! To add a button in your post copy the button code on someone's blog. Then there are two where you write up your post - Compose and Edit HTML. Click on EDIT HTML and find where you want to add the button. Paste the code. You will not see the button if you click preview, but you will see it when you Publish the post. Hope that helps!


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