Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday

It's been a productive week so far...  No progress on the ruffle fabric yet because I remembered I hadn't started my blocks for the Mod Mosaic Swap yet.  Whoops!  So, I jumped right in with them and am thoroughly enjoying working on them.  It's not my normal project, but I am working hard on busting stash and I've found that scrappy blocks are the best thing for that.  Plus, I get to be surprised with new blocks and new fabrics when I'm done.  I started yesterday and I've got 2 blocks to show so far.  I think I signed up for at least 10 blocks, so I'm just gonna keep churning them out till I meet the shipping deadline or run out of scraps, whatever comes first.  Then I'll decide if I'm gonna send off all of the ones I made or just send off 10 and have the leftovers here ready to add to the quilt when my new blocks come back!

Best of all...Chris really liked the blocks so I have high hopes for this project becoming a living room fixture when completed!

So that's my progress for the last two days, but before I go, I had to show you some of God's progress right outside my window.  This is my first rose for the year.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's a hybrid I bought at Walmart of all places last spring and I LOVE it.  The roses vary in color from a pale pink to a bright orange to almost completely yellow and sometimes all 3 in the same flower.

And last, my dogwood tree is beginning to bloom. Nothing says spring like dogwood blossoms.  When we planted it, Chris said "God willing, maybe one day we'll take pictures of Emma with her prom date in front of that tree."  Every spring I think of that and it makes me smile.  I'm in no hurry to get there, but thinking of it just makes my heart happy!  When it's in full bloom I'll take a wider picture of the whole tree.

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  1. Interesting way to use up scraps. You could up with a very vibrant, lovely quilt.
    Your rose is lovely; I see mushy snow & mud outside my window. There are definitely days I miss living in the south.


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