Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swinging Along

  One thing I love about the blogging community is the way we share information and ideas with each other.  I only have one or two local friends who even know how to turn on a sewing machine so to have a chance to talk and share with others is wonderful to me.

  In that mind, I volunteered to test a pattern for Jenny over at Seamingly Smitten.  She's written a new pattern called the Swing Top and Pick-Me-Up Skirt and wanted a few volunteers to try it out for her.  Emma's at the largest size the pattern covers, but I thought that might also help Jenny by seeing how far the pattern reaches.  She agreed to let me test it and we're off.  Now, if you'll remember, I've mentioned how Emma is not always a fan of what I make for her, so I'm trying to let her have more say-so in the outfits I make in hopes she'll like them more.  That being said, I let her shop through my stash of fabrics and none were exactly what she was looking for.  So we went shopping!  So...we're working with a dark lavender linen for the base of the shirt with a coordinating floral print for the accents and skirt.

  We also agreed to add an applique on the front and we on a tiara.   I'm working on the applique now and will then get started on the pattern.  I hope to have it done in a day or so.  It seems easy enough...

  I'm also still churning out the mod mosaic blocks I mentioned in the last post.  I didn't get a chance to sew yesterday as I spent most of the day in the big city with my kids.  We played hooky and started Spring Break a day early!  The teacher in me felt a little guilty, but not too much!  ;)  But I've got till the end of the month to send them out, so I'm going to finish up this pattern for Jenny and then jump back into them.  I'm really in love with these blocks as a way to destash.  And it's much easier and more instantly gratifying than the Postage Stamp Quilt too.  I'm all for using up my scraps this year!  Mainly because then I won't feel bad buying new fabrics!!  Have a great weekend, everybody!!!!

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