Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It seems like I don't have anything to show this week on what I've been working on, but I HAVE been working on a few things.  I signed up for a bow contest on facebook through a friend.  We each payed $5 to enter and the organizer sent us a small package containing ribbons, alligator clips and some rhinestones.  We were allowed to add one ribbon and the center for our bows.  The rules stated that we could make any style bow of our choosing, even two little bows instead.  I'm not usually into making hair bows, or, I think I am and commit to something like this and then remember that I don't really like working with fussy ribbon and swear them off for awhile again.  The original deadline for the bow challenge was tomorrow but I saw this morning she's extended the deadline until the 12th.  Oh well.  My bow is done and I'm uploading the picture this afternoon.  What do you think??  The bows will all be put into an album on facebook and then people can vote for their favorite.  I'll let you know when that happens just in case you're inclined to vote... ;)

I played around working on a shirt refashion for me on Monday.  It's okay, but needs more than the 10 minutes I had to work on it.  I cut the sleeve binding off and it's going to need to be pinned and resewn.  It's a heavy sweater-knit so the arms got saggy!  Hopefully I'll have pictures of that later in the week or next week.

I haven't made any more mod mosaic blocks, so I'm going to mail out what I got done tomorrow morning and just make the 9 more I need here out of my scraps.  For April we're doing spiderweb blocks!  I've liked these for a long time, but they seemed WAY too intimidating to start on my own, so I am glad for the challenge.  Also, I don't know why, but it seems easier somehow to make blocks to send off and then make a quilt out of the new blocks than to just make blocks for myself.  Something about the surprise of what I'll get maybe?  Wierd...

Today the weather is nasty, well, it was yesterday too and supposed to be again tomorrow, but it is my "Kelli day" as Grandma picks the kids up from school for a few hours of fun, so I'm setting down to sew up a new ruffled halter dress for Emma.   Jenny from Seamingly Smitten had another great pattern to try out, so I'm putting it to the test for her again.  This one looks even easier.  HOPEFULLY the weather will clear up enough tomorrow afternoon that I can get a few pictures of Emma in it for Jenny.  Here are my fabric choices.  The main fabric will be the patchwork print from JoAnn Fabrics that I bought like 2 summers ago and the ruffle and straps will be this "I'm not sure what it is" that was at one time used as a table cloth at my lingerie shower before I got married.  How I ended up with it I don't know nor can I mention how many projects I've used small pieces of it for...

  1 hairbow
     Emma's ruffled tunic
     I'm stalled out on the Mod Mosaic blocks but have enough to send off, so I'm counting that done for now.  When my new squares come in I'll move it back to in progress!
  A shirt refashion for me
  A ruffled halter dress for Emma

Quilts needing quilting:
  My Postage Stamp Quilt-a-long quilt.  I think I've decided to forget the borders and just quilt this one to get it done.
  Jelly Pops quilt.  I made this top before I started the blog and just havent' got around to quilting it yet...

And I'm sure there are other things lurking in my baskets, but this is the first week I'm participating in Lee's link up, so I'll be more prepared and hopefully have more Done's next week!  ;)

What have you been working on and what did you get done this week?


  1. I think your bow is really cute! I wouldn't even know where to begin to try to make one.

    I like that patchwork fabric, it'll be perfect for a spring/summer dress.

  2. The bow's very cute! I hope the sundress turned out well. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great week!


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