Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Le Challenge Accepted

As I mentioned last month, my friends Lucy and Nat set up a new blog where they challenge anyone who wants to participate to be creative with a set theme.  You can use any media you choose to portray that theme--fabric, paper, yarn, etc.

Le Challenge

For this month (runs from the 15th to the 15th), the girls chose WINGS.

I thought and thought over this, considering things with wings--birds, butterflies, planes; how wings allow you to fly, etc.  I thought about a dress/shirt with flutter sleeves.  I thought about artwork for Emma's walls about flying or finding you way and soaring.  I even considered  a mini quilt featuring a bird of some sort.

But time constraints kept me from all of those fun projects.  So, I settled on something fun and simple and perfect for the upcoming summer.

I made myself some angel wings.

I grabbed an old shirt from my "refashion" pile and a jpeg drawing of angel wings and set to work.

Here's a link I found online with great directions for this, and I did use her wings graphic for my design but it's a really simple project.

I put the drawing under the back of the shirt and somewhat traced the design.  It doesn't need to be perfect at all.
Step 1
Once I was happy with that, I got my applique scissors (any good and sharp scissors will work) and got to cutting.  I just cut holes where I'd drawn the marks on the shirt.  I wasn't overly careful about making them the right size or perfectly round or anything, I just went for it.

When they were all cut, I ran my hands over the holes to stretch out the remaining knit a little and make the holes open up some.

And there you go--I'm an angel from above...

This project is so simple and lends itself to so many interpretations--you could cut out a heart, star, word, etc.  You could cut slits in the sleeves or down the sides.

There you have it--my time-crunched interrpretation of "WINGS."  The girls have announced next month's theme already and it is "MARITIME."  How fun for summer.  Don't you want to play along too??

Le Challenge


  1. Well that sounds fun! I'm headin' over to check out their blog.

  2. Love it! Perfect refashion project and of course the perfect wings! Thanks for sharing on le challenge. Cannot wait to see the maritime entries - better start working on mine!

  3. Cute! That is such a fun project and sounds pretty quick, too. I'll have to remember it for future refashions!

  4. Why yes I do want to play maritime !


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