Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello everybody! (Is anyone else hearing Grover from Sesame Street in your head right now??)  I've been thinking about the blog and y'all a lot lately, but honestly, I feel like I'm a work in progress right now.  I don't seem able to get everything done in my allotted hours of the day anymore...

There's been a lot of this

And this

a little of this

I recently went back to this on a part-time basis

Subbing--not teaching...

With a sprinkle of sewing throughout.  I'm pattern testing for Jenny again--this time for Emma.  It's a teen/tween maxi dress and I just need to try it on her and add the straps...

I'll show a finished project in the next few days.  And can I just say that it pains me a little that I am old enough to have a daughter that is old enough to need a dress this long.  Seriously--when did this happen???

In the meantime--don't forget that this coming Monday is Sew, Mama, Sew's Spring Giveaway Day (Week!).  I haven't decided for sure what I'm giving, but there will definitely be something being given away, so make sure to come back Monday if not before!!!


  1. Have you figured out what you are going to give away, yet? I am still trying to figure out my giveaway... haha! I have so much 'stuff', except that most people might consider it junk!!

  2. I here ya! And yes, Grovers voice too! When did I get old enough to have a 9and 1/2yo daughter who's displaying some very hormonal emotional behaviours! I thought I had about two more years of childhood with her. I spend my afternoons and weekends at kids sport too: netball, Aussie rules football and hockey. I also am a teacher, I didn't know you were too! I do contract work now term by term and part time. Couldn't fit full time in!


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