Sunday, May 26, 2013


Umm...I've been a little busy.  Wednesday was my only day I didn't spend at school last week so I wrote up a nice WIP Wednesday post and apparently never pressed Publish because when I sat down at the computer today--here it is...  So, let's all pretend it's Wednesday again and see what I've been up to and I'll be back tomorrow with a new post.  :)  Have a great weekend everyone!!

**Edited to Add--I'm so sorry I forgot to announce the winner of my Giveaway Day Prize.  I contacted the winner, contacted Amanda about the gift certificate and totally forgot to tell y'all about it!  Thanks to Kristy for reminding me...  Our winner was Sandra!!  And I'm so glad to be sending her new fabrics to kick off her journey back into sewing.  :)

Whew, life has been busy lately.  Last week I spent 8 hours each day in the school Book Fair (volunteer hours of course) and when you add on my Mom duties of chauffeuring, grocery shopping, house cleaning, sports-cheering, and just plain loving I was one tired girl.

But, I've got one day off this week between field trips, field days, and all that other Mom stuff to get some things done.

So...what am I working on today?

I'm mailing these Depression blocks to Cathy for That Stash Bee.  She asked us to think "Black and White TV" when making them.  I can't wait to see this quilt all made up.  What a striking quilt this will be.

 I'm working on another Star Block for Oren's Star Wars quilt.  This one took a back seat when I got busy with everything else, but I'm working on block 11/20 and I want to have this one on his bed before summer is over.  That seems reasonable...


Next up for bee blocks are some improv square blocks I picked out for the Rad {Empower} circle of do. Good stitches.  It's my month to host, and I thought we could all use the ease and creativity that improv squares bring to the table.  Here's the color scheme I picked out:


Maybe not my norm, but I'm all for branching out...sometimes... 

And when I finish the star blocks and the improv squares...I'm cutting into this for a summer skirt.

Crafterhours is hosting Skirt Week 2013 and I want to play along this year.  


You can play along too--head to their awesome site to check out the details.  I'd love to make most of what I wear this summer, excluding running clothes and swimsuits, of course...  ;)

So, what are you up to today and this week?  Let me know...I plan to get a lot more done once school gets out in two weeks.  :)


  1. Lovely blocks Kelli! Thank you!

  2. Gosh, your schools don't get out for another two weeks? Crazy. I've been eyeing that white fabric for a little dress for Jill but it probably won't happen yet. I'll have to check out Skirt Week. Skirts don't get much action around here with all the time I spend getting up and down from the floor, but I love the idea of making a few. I can't wait to see this summer wardrobe you're cooking up! I need to make a few things for myself but keep getting distracted with other sewing. Maybe we should have a sew-along so I actually get it done! Excited to see Oren's next star!

  3. I am working on all sorts of littles - finishing up bee block plans for June (my month in TWO), prepping some stuff, finishing up blocks for a scrappy quilt. Just jumping around and enjoying the freedom to do so!


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