Friday, May 3, 2013

Finished on Friday

I've got a finish!!  I mentioned on Wednesday that I was pattern-testing for Jenny again.  She keeps me busy with her awesome ideas.  :)

This one was for Emma and it's a tween/teen maxi dress pattern in sizes 8-16.  It's simple, modest, and perfect for summer months.

 I let Emma go through my stash and she picked this striped floral fabric for the main piece.  Then I suggested the white eyelet fabric (cheap from Walmart of all places...) as the accent for the bodice and bottom hem border.  She agreed.  :)

The eyelet was thin and see-through through the holes of course, so I backed it with Kona White and just treated them as one fabric when sewing.

Jenny's pattern was easy to follow and quick to sew.

I added criss-cross straps to the back since the straps were long enough and it just adds another detail.

Emma loves it and so do I!  Jenny said she'll probably release the pattern this weekend, so if you're itching to sew some cutesie girly summer clothes, head over to her site and check this one out.

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  1. Beautiful!! She looks so pretty in it and what a great choice of fabrics :)

  2. Pretty little dress!! Emma is so pretty, Kelli! What a sweet young lady. I love that she still lets you sew for her. I remember when I didn't want my mom to sew for me anymore (those were my ugly years). OF COURSE I would love for her to sew for me now!!! :)

  3. Gorgeous dress and daughter! I see she struggled modelling it for you! Emma is so blonde. I have a son like that, but Amelia has dark blonde-brown hair with a couple of golden streaks. My husband was white blonde as a child, but now he's brown and every where we go we get asked where the white hair comes from!

  4. Awe I hope my daughter still lets me sew for her when she is in her tweens.


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