Friday, December 10, 2010

All Smiles

Our Christmas cards came today!  I usually make cards and then add in a picture of the kids, and I have also done the photo cards from a photo studio, but this year I decided to do something else.  I knew I didn't have the time to devote to making a bunch of cards, but I didn't want the stock glossy photo cards from Walmart or even a studio that are so non-handmade. 

I was reading one of the many blogs I keep up with, although I can't remember which one it was, and they said they'd ordered theirs from Sara at Less Ordinary Designs and that she was wonderful.  So I looked her up on Etsy and found her prices to be reasonable and her cards to be lovely.  I took some pictures of the kids in the backyard and ordered some.  Then I had her print them because I figured it would be one less thing for me to do.  And that was all last week and they're here today and ready to ship!!

I took a BUNCH of pictures of the kids in hopes one would come out.  Emma LOVES to model and was happy to pose.  Oren, on the other hand, isn't such a fan of the camera.  At 4 years old, he'd rather take pictures, not be in them.  Maybe I've got the next Ansel Adams living here or something.  But here's a few I had to choose from...

How to choose, right??  I sure do love these two, though!!

I went with the matte paper instead of glossy and really debated it.  I do like the matte, but if I had it to do over again...I'm not sure.  I picked the matte with the thought that it would look more original and have that handmade look as opposed to the cheap, one of a hundred photo cards look you often get with discount stores and photo studios rushing you through.  I think it looks great and the paper is thick and super-high quality.  But I think I would have liked the glossy just as much and it might have helped the picture shine just a little more.  But that's just personal preference, and I am known to second guess my decision making once in awhile.  I don't think I could have gone wrong with any of Sara's images or paper choices.
This picture was taken at 10:30 at night in my dark craft room...all bad looking shadows and non-crispness is the fault of the picture taker and not the card maker!  ;)
  Sara was wonderful to work with and very professional and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for Holiday cards, birth announcements, etc.  I will definitely keep her in my Etsy favorites! Thanks again, Sara!

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