Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Relaxing with a contented sigh...

Today was a successful day.  I didn't do anything monumental or solve any of the world's issues.  But I helped a child, many children, actually.  I volunteered today in the Santa Shop helping kids pick out gifts for their families.  Honestly, the shop is full of junk and I'm torn somewhat that parents are getting ripped off, but it's so sweet to watch the kids come in and figure out just how much they can give with what they have.  Just how far they can spread their love.  I love to watch those little eyes going over all the tables looking for just the right gift for Mama and Daddy, or Sissy or Brother, or even the dog and cat for that matter.  It's a chance to realize that giving is so much more special than getting.  Oren came to shop today and Emma comes tomorrow and although I usually hate buying stuff for the sake of buying, I let them choose whatever they want from the Santa Shop for each of us because it's a special moment for them as givers.  Emma remembers exactly what she got each of us last year, and if I pressed her, she could probably remember from which table she picked it out from.  My only suggestion last year was that she NOT get me the earrings from the jewelry table as I didn't want my ears to turn green and fall off, I mean I already have so many...  ;)  I can't wait to watch her shop tomorrow, while looking away while she shops for me, of course!
Then this afternoon, I managed to finish 4 of the 10 stockings I'm working on.  I say managed because I had the biggest brain cramp about the finishing step.  I'm basically just making these up as I go along since stockings aren't too difficult and I wanted to use a little bit from this design and a little bit from that one.  So I was trying to attach the lining to the outer shell and I know that I should tuck the outer shell into the lining and sew it up along the top, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to make it come out right.  I'm talking racking my brain for an hour and trying other techniques before it hits me...FINALLY the light comes on, and I realize that I just need to pull the outer shell through the hole I've left in the bottom of the lining piece after it's sewn together.  I mean, really...that's what I set out to do originally and somehow got sidetracked for an hour.  Chris is just staring blankly at me when I'm trying to explain what I'm doing and says "You just said inside out and right side in so many times I'm completely lost!"  So much for help from the logical one in this partnership!

Garrett loves cowboys and old westerns and although I didn't have this fabric with my Christmas fabrics, I suggested it and his Mom agreed right away.

And after finishing the stockings, I sat back and relaxed by our Christmas tree and a roaring fire built lovingly by my husband and thought about how richly I am blessed and while I still have a ton of things to cross off my to-do list, for tonight I feel relaxed and contented with what I have done today.

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