Friday, December 31, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Rachel over at p.s. i quilt is having a great giveaway and this post is my entry...hopefully it'll give you a few laughs and me some new fabric!!!


So, as you know we spent Christmas with my Grandparents.  Well, we (as in Chris and the kids and I) stay upstairs in the big attic in 2 double beds. 
***sidenote--For most of my life there was one big room with a bed and lots of fun stuff to get into…when I look now I think how kind and patient my Grandma is and was to let 6 kids play up there with all of her stuff!   But when they added on to their house a few years ago, they added on to the upstairs too and there is an area that bumps out over the roof now and the kids sleep in that little nook.
  Okay, so now that I’ve given you a little setting, I’m on with the story…***
So, we woke up Christmas morning and looked out the window by the kids and, lo and behold, there was a package sitting out on the roof!  We couldn’t believe it!  How did that get there?  And more importantly, who was going to go out on that snowy roof to get it??  Well, we drew straws and it turned out to be me which I’m sure made the rest of the family both nervous for my clumsiness and secretly happy to see me slip and slide up there.  Bundled up, I crawled out the window with a (vintage and very cute) sheet from our bed tied around my waist so maybe Chris could catch me before I flew off the roof if (I think we all thought when) I slipped.  I carefully made my way toward the package and as I got closer a tag appeared.  I mean it, appeared.  And it said
To:  Kelli 
From:  Santa 
A gift for bravery!

I wasn’t sure if he meant for climbing out the window or just for being a Mom, or for the fact that I hadn’t put makeup on or looked in a full-length mirror for days, but whatever the reason I was thrilled the package was for me!

I gave the waistband belt a tug and Chris helped me make it back in the window with only a few slips and slides.  Okay, I did slide about 6 feet once and hung on to the gutters with my fingertips, but I was determined not to drop that package since it was for me.  Besides, a cast might look good on me!  We got me back inside and got downstairs with everyone wondering what was in that special package.  And why was it on the roof anyway??  

We let the kids open their presents first as that package sat there practically burning a whole in my lap waiting for me to open it.  And boy was I glad when I did!!  Inside it was Mary Poppins carpet bag!  No, really…inside it was a carpet bag.  At this point I was thinking all that for a carpet bag?  I’m not sure I can pull that look off….  But I opened it and was thrilled to find out that just like in Mary Poppins bag, it never emptied of anything I really needed or wanted.  I mean, fabric is a need for some of us, but my husband might disagree and remind me that food and heat are needs, fabrics are wants!  

First I pulled out the entire fat quarter bundle of Dream On, next was a jelly roll and layer cake of some Bliss, then came out everything Tanya Whelan has ever made all stacked and ready to be created with.  But that’s just the beginning.  There were new scissors and a rotary cutter, threads in every color imaginable.  I could go on, but then I’d just make you so jealous you might hate me, right?  

So that is how I had the best Christmas ever…lots of food, family, and FABRIC!!  ANd as long as my carpet bag never stops filling up with goodies I’ll be able to keep everyone I know warm and happy with my creative goodies.

Okay…we all know that didn’t really happen.  I mean, first off, anyone who knows me personally knows I’d never have made it out on that roof without totally falling like Santa in the first Santa Clause and a fabric Mary Poppins Carpet Bag is only my fantasy.  But hopefully, my story will provide the next best thing…a winning entry to get my very own $50 gift card to the Fat Quarter Shop which I will gladly take as a consolation!!!

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