Saturday, December 18, 2010


Wow y’all!  235 comments…I’ve been on the other end of the giveaway day and seen huge numbers of comments at other blogs, but I never expected 235 comments and all of the new followers!  I didn’t want to ask people to follow in order to qualify for the giveaway because I want people to read my writings because they want to, so to get new followers just because was such a nice and unexpected gesture.  And can I just say that the comments were so sweet and kind that I teared up more than once.  I may be considered the giver since the items are coming from my house, but really, y'all gave so much to me with your kind words and thoughtfulness.  Those that took the time to read some of the other posts and find out more about me--THANK YOU!  I know how hard it is since I still connect on a dialup connection and I didn't get to read half of the blogs between that and being so busy this week.  So, thank you again!

Now, on to the was late last night and I didn't want to fight said dialup so I had Chris randomly pick some numbers for our winners.  He's nice like that and was willing to oblige...So, without further ado....the winners are:
Giveaway 1:  Pillow--Scrappin' Divas said...
I'd love to win the snowflake pillow. I'm a sucker for anything snowflake/snowman related. Thanks for the chance!
Giveaway 2:  Yarn--Jenny said...
I'd love to win either of these giveaways they are both fabulous! I like the snowflake pillow and LOVE the green yarn, I too have a love for homespun stuff. :)

Winners, I've emailed you but please get me your address quickly so I can send them out to you before I go on vacation for Christmas.... 

I just want to say thank you again and wish all of you the most Merry Christmas!!  I wish I had more to give because some of the comments made me want to forget the whole random number thing and just send you something just because!  So...stick around and maybe there'll be another giveaway after the holidays to reward my loyal friends who keep reading!


  1. Kelli,
    Gator, dialup, pickup, N Central Florida (Gilchrist County) ... We have a lot in common. Please send me an email when you have a chance. Perhaps we live somewhere near each other. Merry Christmas.

  2. I am loving the pictures!! Although, I'm not sure how I feel about the one of me wiping out!! Haha, Love you!


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