Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm gonna go for it!

Since I've been sewing on a regular basis (the last 3-4 years), I've had people say now and then (mostly family) that I should sell what I make.  But, I've never been sure my stuff was really good enough to be sale-worthy.  What if I made something for someone and it fell apart?  What if people are just being nice and they don't really like what I make?  What if...  What if...

But, lately, selling my creations has been more and more on my mind.  When I walked through the craft fair last week, I repeatedly thought "I could make that," or "If I made that, I'd do this instead,"  or "If she is selling those, then I could certainly sell what I make."  And it hit me, unless I try, I'll never know if my creations are worth anything to anyone.  So...I've decided to open an Etsy shop.  I've set up the shop and am reading up on the business of making and selling, but I haven't put anything in it just yet.  BECAUSE....I've been too busy working on some custom orders I got right here at home! 

Since I was really thinking about this, I mentioned on my facebook account that I could make stockings for anyone who was looking to get some and I've got 2 orders!  I've only sold one thing ever before and that was a request from my sister's Mother-in-Law, so these stockings are my first items that I've put up to sell and had orders!  I've been working on them this week...I think I've got all the design elements sorted out now and am ready to get to the construction.  Pictures soon!

But that's not all!  Pat, my sister's Mother-in-Law that hired me to make my BIL a t-shirt quilt last year for his graduation, asked me last week if I could make an apron for her great niece.  Turns out she was bragging on my mad skills (haha from me here that I have skills worth bragging on) to her sister after she saw an apron I'd made for Carrie and her sister wondered if I could make one for her granddaughter!  So I finished that up this weekend and it's on it's way to AL right now.

This is Emma trying on the apron.  Sorry for the lighting...7:30 at night after a full day in pajamas was reason enough for me not to model it myself.  Emma was only to happy to fill in!

I lined it with a sweet cherry print.  The colors match the front colors perfectly, and what's better in the kitchen than a sprinkling of cherries?
So, between deciding to open a shop and actually doing it, I've got 3 custom orders.  It was really the encouragement I needed to try it.  I figure that any orders I get are a boost to both my ego and my wallet and an encouragement to keep doing what I love.  God has given me a talent for creating, and I'm going to see how far I can go with it.

I will let you know when I get some listings posted.  For now, I've got some stockings to finish up!

P.S.  We got a tree today and it's all decorated and looking nice!  I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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