Monday, March 12, 2012


Life is full of changes, and if we want to try to even keep up with it, we have to adjust.  That's what I've been doing lately.  I've been busy adjusting.  Nothing is wrong here.  There are no big changes or bad changes.  But as our children grow, our schedules change, their moods change, our responsibilities change...and that requires quite a bit of adjusting.

With softball and teeball starting up, we've got practices 4 nights a week.  The only day they overlap is on Mondays and they're often practicing in different places.  (Ball is BIG around here and there are a LOT of people using the fields around town!)  Tuesdays bring AP study sessions after school for Chris and his AP students, dance class for Em at 4:30 and practice at 5.  Chris has been leaving his study session and going to practice without Emma and then Oren and I bring her at 5:30ish when she gets out of dance.  Oren had opening ceremonies and his first game on Saturday, and in two weeks, Emma's games begin.  Only problem...Emma's team travels to nearby areas (nearby is a relative term...anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 1/2 hours away) while all of Oren's games are here in town.  Chris is the assistant coach on Emma's team and I'm the scorekeeper for Oren's team.  It's been a big adjustment from last year when the kids played together!

Oh, and Oren's been sick off and on for 3 weeks.  His tonsils are so swollen that they're practically touching, but they don't think it's strep.  I called today after a week on Claritin with no change and they want to see him back in the office to recheck him.

So...all of that is to say that I haven't been here because I've been busy adjusting.  Adjusting schedules, routines and the many hats a Mom wears.  I'm no different than anyone else and am not asking for a pat on the back.  My me hat, the one that encompasses sewing, blogging, running, vegging..., that hat is on the back of the rack and gathering dust lately.  And that is okay, because I know, eventually, I'll put it back on and all will feel right with the world.

But, I miss y'all!  I've missed giveaways, big announcements, and all of the finishes big and small that I would have loved to congratulate on.  My blog friends are my sewing buddies, the ones who get why I get excited over new fabric and hours hunched over my sewing machine.  Who know there are fabric Rock Stars and Quilting Police.  :)  Who understand the joy of opening an envelope to find a block someone halfway across the country made for you in a swap when you could have just made it yourself.  Please understand that I haven't been avoiding or ignoring you, I've been MIA.  Google Reader says I've got over 900 new items to read.  Yep, I don't see that happening...

I've got things to show you.  Blocks for bees, pattern-testing projects, and baby gifts.  I'll be back as soon as I can to show you.  I promise!


  1. I was just thinking about you a few minutes ago when I was putting Max down for his nap. I'm sure your life is crazy-hectic right now but your attitude about it seems so peaceful! It is wonderful that you and Chris are able to be so involved in your kids' activities even if it does mean yours get pushed aside for a bit. Something I'll definitely need to remember in a couple years! Hoping you get things figured out about poor Oren's throat and you get some time for yourself, too!

  2. I hope things settle down and become less hectic! Or that you get used to the new routine!! Hope Oren feels better soon x

  3. I feel ya! Take all the time you need and don't even worry for a
    second about blogland. It'll still be there when you get back.

    I had over 1000 unread posts in my Reader after coming home with Baby. I didn't log in for days because it was so overwhelming. I didn't want to miss something or make someone feel bad if I didn't comment. I finally took a deep breath and marked them all as read. It felt good. :o)

    Hope your little man gets to feelin' better soon!

  4. Hope things settle down soon, and that Oren's tonsils recover. Will be looking forward to your return, and your show and tell of new projects. :) We have t-ball starting in April and kindergarten registration was today.. change is in the wind here soon.. just when we get them figured out, they go and grow some more! Happy Monday and have fun enjoying your kids' activities.

  5. Hope Oren feels better soon! I have the dreaded tonsillitis and have yucky antibiotics :( Totally understand where you're coming from!! xx

  6. oh what crazy days for you! I remember that time in our home too! Do take care - you're doing important stuff!


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