Saturday, March 3, 2012

Six plus one...

Yesterday was a special day around here.  A day of smiles and celebrations.  Yesterday my favorite boy turned six.  I don't see how he can possibly be that old.  How my baby can be a big boy.  It seems like no time has passed since I was changing his diapers and begging him to use the potty.  It seems like just the other day that we watched Cars and Toy Story over and over and over again while Emma was in preschool.  But it wasn't, because my baby is six (plus one day).

It's been six years of smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses.  It's been six years of booboos, crazy antics and questionable choices (mostly from him...).  Six years filled with cuddles, pride, love and growth.

Six years just isn't enough.  I'm a demanding Mama...I want many more years to come with this sweet boy.

We spent the day on a field trip to the high school FFA plot, celebrating Oren and Dr. Seuss' birthday, and running and playing with jet packs at a space-themed birthday party at our house last night.  It was an awesome day for an awesome kid.

And since I could go on and on, I'll just give six things about Oren at six:

1.  He is a "reading fool!"  He told his teacher that this week.  ;)  Reading has finally clicked and he's reading everything in sight, from text on commercials to billboards to every paper that passes him by.  Best of all--he loves it and that makes me happy!
I have turned this as many times as I'm turning it...sorry for the sideways picture...blame Blogger!  

2.  Oren is universally liked.  Kids are drawn to him, adults adore him.  I'm not bragging on my sweet boy, I"m stating a fact.  He is so good-natured and so kind.  Wouldn't the world be better if we were all more like that.

3.  But he does have a temper.  And when it flares, watch out!  We hardly ever see it, but when he's mad there will be yelling and possibly some punches thrown if he's mad at Emma.  It almost makes me want to laugh because it's so unlike him, but I don't...till he walks away or snaps back to normal!

4.  Right now, Oren likes planes, dinosaurs, Star Wars, Swiss cheese, Transformers, Monster Trucks, anything involving a gun, reading, Swamp People, his sister and his Daddy and Mama.  Lucky for me, he LOVES his Mama.  :)

5.  He dislikes getting into trouble, chores, being around rude people, losing at anything, and apparantly green onions although he eats them on stuff all of the time.

6.  He gets embarrassed easily for someone who is so easy-going.  If you even mention girls in that way (you know like girlfriend kind of way) he goes red in the face and won't talk to you.  He got a little embarrassed for his friends to sing to him last night.   He is his Daddy's son...

Oren, you are a balm to my soul with your big heart.  You are my sunshine every day, not just when skies are gray.  Keep being you, buddy.  You make this proud Mama awful happy!


  1. We love him!! He had so much fun at the party. You did a great job, Kel!

  2. Awwwww, I'm tearin' up over here. So, so sweet.
    My little 6-year old critter has learned some bad habits this year with kindergarten, but he's still the sweetest, most mellow little boy in the world and this post makes me want to go give him an extra squeeze!!!! Aren't we lucky that boys love their mamas so much!!!??? :o) Happy birthday Oren!

  3. Happy Birthday, Oren!! He is adorable, Kelli, and it sounds like you and Chris have very much to be proud of!

  4. Happy birthday Oren!! Love the jet packs!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Oren! Kelli, I LOVE the jet packs! Did you make them? What a sweet little boy you have and I hope he always always keeps smiling! :)


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