Thursday, March 15, 2012

Patterns Tested

The week of Oren's birthday I had two bloggy-friends contact me about testing patterns for them.  The problem was they needed the patterns made that week and photgraphed by Saturday and Sunday...Ummm....Oren's birthday was Friday and his party was Friday night...and I'm a one-trick pony when it comes to that many kids at my house for a few hours.

But, I have only good things to say about both patterns, because I made one on Saturday and the other on Sunday.  It took me longer to photograph the end results and email the pattern designers than to make either project!  And that's a sign of a good pattern right there.

So, what did I make?  Well, first up was another pattern from Jenny at Seamingly Smitten.  I don't know how this girl continually cranks out great and simple patterns for both women and children, but she does.  I think this is the sixth pattern I've made for her and they've all been great.  Jenny chooses simple designs that really flatter a girl's figure.  She's great at giving basic instructions so that both newbie and experienced sewers get it.

This time, I tested her "Double Ruffle Halter Dress."  I made the size 8 for Emma.  Honestly, even with my very tired (after an evening of hosting 12 hyperactive excited and boisterous kiddos) brain, I whipped through this pattern.  I did have to make a few changes, but mostly because Emma is a very skinny Minnie, so she needs an 8 in length, but she needs about a 6 in width.

I don't know why this looks fuzzy, but I'm tired of fighting with blogger....I'm having to use the old interface as it is because the new one won't load after months of using it...

Jenny offers different options when it comes to the straps, including directions to make them halter-style, or straight across the shoulders.  She also suggests that you can tie them behind the neck or make a buttonhole to thread them through with a big bow on the back.  The buttonhole method is so cute and what I wanted, but by that point I was so tired, we went with the traditional halter tie and I will add the buttonhole later.  Emma loved her new dress and wore it the rest of the day.

Man, do I love this kid.  And man, does she need some sun after a long winter!  ;)
Check out Jenny's blog if you're interested, because she often offers sales or giveaways for her excellent patterns.  You won't be sorry!

Then on Sunday afternoon, I tested a new bag pattern for Jenilyn of Grits and Giggles.  She is launching a new line of bag patterns, and this girl has got a future in pattern design.  The "Carolina Breeze Bag" was so simple to come together and the possibilities are endless based on the fabrics you choose.  I can imagine it in a thin leather, denim, fun quilting cottons, etc.  Jenilyn even featured it in burlap and it was precious!

I don't usually sew bags and purses, but every time I do, I'm always surprised by the instant gratification that comes with a simple and fun project.  Why don't I do more of them?  At any rate, I would also highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking for a new roomy bag.  I saw on her blog that she's also got patterns for clutches and other bags as well.

So, those are my latest pattern-testing experiences!  I love trying out patterns for friends.  It's a win-win situation.  I get to test out a great new project and make something new and my friends get an honest opinion of their pattern with pictures before they try and market it to sell.

Have you ever tested out a pattern for someone?  Tell me how it went...

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  1. I LOVE that bag!! And of course that skinny minnie!


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