Friday, March 16, 2012

A Fun Finish

Back in December, I had 3 friends (well, one was actually my cousin and his wife) that had babies.  I made Kennedy (the only local one) a cute dress.  I'm still working on the wonky stars quilt for baby Daisy that lives in the UK...  And for my cousin's new little one, Sibley, I decided to make a mini quilt/wall-hanging.  When my cousin Jen (Sibley's Aunt) had her two kids, I quilted up wall-hangings for each of them per request, so while I had the intention of making this sweet new one a quilt of her own, I decided a wall-hanging would be better.  It's small for me at 18x24" and I considered finishing it up and entering it in Jennifer's mini-quilt contest last week, but honestly, I was just too tired to get that far.  So a week later, here it is in all it's glory and ready to send off.

I went for whimsical on this one.  The only thing I measured out ahead of time was the background fabric and the pennants.  I then just placed them on the background in a pleasing manner and starting sewing.  The pennants are raw-edge applique.  Then I grabbed some brown perle cotton and hand-embroidered the "string" for the pennants.  I did cut the "S" with my Silhouette (using the fabric interfacing for it) and quickly ironed it down and sewed around it.  I simply wrote the rest of Sibley's name and embroidered it.

For quilting, I randomly sewed a curved line every so often and then followed it with one close by.  They are not any set distance from each other.  I wanted this quilt to be very light-hearted and also, fast to finish.  It's not my normal style as I see a lot of faults with things I wish I had slowed down on or taken the time to measure out, but I think it's perfect for the design and for the intended recipient.

The back is a simple stack of the pennant fabrics surrounded by the focus fabric on the front and it's bound in that as well.  Sibley's room is in pinks, greens and browns, so I'm hoping this fabric is the perfect fit.  As she lives in Oklahoma, I haven't seen her room personally to know.  ;)

I'm not attaching a sleeve, because I'm not sure if they'll want to use it as a wall hanging.  That was my intention, but they may have something else in mind.  Sibley might love it as a doll quilt in a year or so.  I firmly believe that once a gift is given, it's theirs to use as they please, and as long as they are using it, I am happy.  ;)

I'm linking up with Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday.  Head over there to check out the other amazing projects linked up.  A finish feels great, doesn't it?


  1. Very cute, Kelli! I'm sure it will be well-loved by Sibley!

  2. I typed up a big long comment and then it didn't post. Harumph! ;-)

    I love this quilt, it is so fun! I find that my daughters use their "doll quilts" more than the quilts made for them, so I think what you've made is the perfect size. Perfect to use for a baby now, and easy to use as a "doll blankie" when she's older.

    PS -- I also live in Florida, Palm Beach County... but I'm from a small town in Upstate NY full of boots and pick-up trucks. I miss the small town but I much prefer the winters in Florida :-)

  3. What a cute baby quilt/wallhanging! Love the pennants!

  4. The quilt reminds me of a charm pack I just saw....Reunion....
    Love the quilting! =D

  5. So cute!! If my kids didn't already have bunting in their rooms I would totally copy this ;)

  6. I love quilts that are nontraditional in their design. Yours is beautiful and I love the colors!

  7. I really like the banner on the quilt. Pennants are so fun and cheery. I have a shilouette, too but haven't tried cutting fabric with it. Thanks for the idea.


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