Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Thursday

Hey everyone, just a quick pop in today to say Spring Break is going wonderfully and I have had a little time for sewing.  I actually wrote most of a WIP post yesterday and then got busy doing stuff with the family and never posted it.  Oh well...  We've been busy doing a bunch of nothing much, but everyone is happy, so that is always good.  Last night we went to the Gator Softball game and Emma and her 2 friends loved it.  The Gators lost, but Em is definitely hooked.  She asked when their next game was!  ;)

Doesn't Oren look thrilled?  He had a bad allergy attack Tuesday and he's very grouchy in his recovery of it...  I did make Emma's shirt.  I'll show it in the next day or so.

 I have some secret sewing going on for a very special sister who celebrated her birthday yesterday!  I did tell her yesterday, but for the blog, Happy Birthday Carrie!!!!

Do you think we look alike?  Growing up, people didn't believe we were sisters.  They said we looked nothing alike...

But I've also been working on some do. Good projects.  Ronit asked for triangle-in-a-triangle blocks this month.  We each made 3 since they are smaller than the average 12.5 inch block.  Here are my 3.

She asked that we use colors including turquoise, cerise, magenta, chartreuse, french blue, deep orange and grass green.  I tried to accomodate, though I did have to google cerise to see what color it really was.  Chris always laughs at me because I read obsessively but I always have to stop and ask him what words mean.  Apparently, I don't have the largest vocabulary in the world...  I like to believe that I just learn so much I have to let go of things to make room for new things.  That sounds right, doesn't it?

Plus, I've finally gotten over my sewing block with the tilted square sashing for my do.Good Stitches quilt from December (gasp!).  I've got all 20 blocks sashed on top and bottom and am now sashing up the sides.  Another thing Chris finds amusing is my lack of ability to "see" math.  What I mean is, for the life of me, I have a hard time looking at something and figuring out how make it how big of pieces to cut or how to cut them...How to sew tilted sashing onto 20 squares to get them to tilt back and to estimate how big of pieces I will need and then how I still get it wrong after I measure 3 times before I cut once.  It's a wonder I love quilting with all of the math involved...  I tell him that kindergarten teachers only need to add and subtract to 10, so I let all of that geometry go...

But here are the squares in progress...I'm hoping to make significant progress on this one in the next week and my goal is to have it done by Easter...I'm up again to be the quilter and choose the quilt in May, so it would be nice to be done by then, huh?  ;)

Chris and I are dropping the kids off with Aunt Carrie tonight for a date night...rare occurrence around here and we're looking forward to it!  Hunger Games here we come!!  I hope y'all are having a great week as well, and if I don't check in again, I'll be back next week with regularly-scheduled programming.  :)


  1. Oh Kelli, you crack me up! I have that same inability to "see" math. I have to just cut the fabric and see how it is going to look to see if it works, not use my math skills to figure it out. I am definitely a hands-on learner! You and your sister are both beautiful, but I would agree with the people who say you don't really look alike. I don't look anything like my sister, either. Glad you are having a fun spring break!

  2. Too funny! I get my calculator-My younger brother-to do the math for me. When I'm cutting at the ironing board I'll often be asking him to add numbers for me! He is a math whiz! Love the look of those blocks! The hearts look so cool! =D

  3. Ha ha!
    No, you two look nothing alike. At least in this photo. I grew up being constantly asked if my sister and I are twins. We're two years apart. Now they ask that of Carter and Emma, who are also two years apart. Several years ago I was at the mall and walked into a store and the clerk says, Back so soon? I was confused, since that was the first time I had been in there in years. I called my sister when I got home and asked if she had been at the mall. Yep. I asked what she was wearing and it was something similar. Apparently we had crossed paths without realizing it and the sales clerk thought I was stalking the store. Too funny.

  4. Glad you are having a good week!

  5. My sister and I are similar to you - she is tall, thin, blonde, big hoohoos {naturally} and thick hair. I'm short, FAT, just kidding -LOL- but short, small hoohoos, brown hair, thin hair, big round butt. If we didn't laugh and talk exactly the same, no one would believe us either.

  6. I love the traingle in the middle! And of course you have way too many thoughts going on in your crafty breain to know everything, like cerise :)


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