Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Adjusting

So I am supposed to be watching The Wizard of Oz being performed right now with Emma on her 2nd grade field trip, but instead I am writing this post at home...yep, Emma came down with the stomach bug this morning.  I think I am much sadder than her.  I seriously thought about crying this morning.  She has been so excited for this trip, she's talked about it nonstop for days.  She asked me to make her a blue & white gingham dress to wear with her ruby slippers (thank you Target!) and I did.  But this morning she woke up saying she felt awful.  Not 2 minutes later she was letting go of whatever was left in her stomach from last night in both directions.  But she persevered and said she wanted to give the field trip a shot.  So we loaded up and headed to school...tardy, but we made it.  And she looked just precious in her Dorothy outfit.  But as soon as we stepped into the office for a tardy slip she made a beeline for the bathroom (the teacher's bathroom at that since the nurse's office was full) and let's just say I had to use a lot of the disinfectant in there when she was done...

So we are home today instead.  She wisely decided she needed to come home and all I could think was "How is my 7-year-old so mature?"  She didn't cry about missing the trip, she didn't try to go when she knew she was sick.  She just said "I hate to miss it, but I need to go home." and that was the end of that.  Bless her heart.

BUT...that did give me time to show off a little of what I've been working on.  Today, I thought I'd show you the bee blocks I got done in February...2 weeks later...

First up, my Nubee Blocks:
 Two of my hivemates this month didn't want or care about background color, so I decided to go with that and make them all colorful!  I showed a sample of what I was thinking weeks ago, but it ended up too small...so in taking it apart, I rearranged it and came up with these:

For  Vicki--She wanted greens, pinks and yellows for her little girl.

For Jody--She wanted greens and purples with  natural  (grays, creams, etc.) accents.

For  Jacqueline--She wanted teals, browns and greens for her teenage son.

For Nancy--She wanted purples and blues with other colors thrown in for a pop.

For Julie--She's finishing up her Rainbow inspired quilt.

Then, I forgot to mention on here, but I participated in Jennifer's polka-dot charm swap.  I sent off these beauties...can't wait to see what comes back!

And for Michonne who requested Lee's Ribbon Star block in my favorite color scheme for our February do. Good Stitches, I sent these:

Then Carrie from our do. Good group requested girly log cabin blocks from anyone who wanted to donate a few.  A young girl had been injured in a gymnastics accident and was hospitalized near Carrie.  She's putting them all together into a quilt and wheelchair blanket for Avery.  I made these two:

  And those are my February blocks that I sent out.  I've already made and mailed my March block for my modern blocks bee and am picking fabrics for my do. Good stitches blocks.  They're triangles!  Can't wait to show you.  I've got a few pattern-testing projects to show off in the next few days as well.  I told you I'd been busy!  

I'm off to clean house and take good care of my sick baby girl.  Hope she heals up fast, because this sickness is for the birds!


  1. The blocks look wonderful and I hope your house is illness free asap :) xx

  2. Love the blocks!! The fabrics are so cool.! Hope your daughter feels better soon! =D

  3. What great blocks you've made! So sorry about the sick kiddo!!


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