Sunday, July 31, 2011

I did it...

I did it...I said I wouldn't.  I said I couldn't afford another thing in my life that wasted my time encouraged me to find new projects and inspiration.  I read all about it, vowing not to get sucked in...  But, I did.

Pinterest Logo

I joined Pinterest.  If you haven't heard about it, Pinterest is a great way to store all of your ideas and likes from all over the internet.  You can make virtual "bulletin boards" that you pin all of the things you love to.  If you find a picture anywhere on the net that you like, just pin it to a board.  You can have many boards or a few.  You can have tons of "pins" or have restraint.  You can view other's boards to find people with similar style and repin from their boards.  It's simple to use and great for visual people.  And it's completely free!

You have to be invited by someone already on there, or request an invitation.  But no worries, I requested an invite and was signed in and using it 20 minutes later.  And I have dialup!!

So my sewing progress this weekend is slower than I would like, but my boards are filling up!!  I've got boards for quilt ideas I had been saving as bookmarks, but now can see exactly what I love.  I've got a board for holiday ideas, home decor goodies, inspiration signs and sayings, yummy treat recipes, and more!  It will definitely fill any void of time you'd like to not have back, that's for sure.

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Follow me if you want to...But I warn you, you will love spending way too much time looking!!

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  1. Ahhh, you drank the cool aid too! Isn't Pinterest the best? :)


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