Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Made it by Monday Challenge on Tuesday

Hey everyone,
  We are having a great time at the beach and loving every minute of our time together here with family.  I wanted to link up with Jill again for her Made it by Monday challenge this week. 

  Her challenge this week was a shoe revamp.  Easy enough, right?  I was thinking I could glitter, paint, or at least "beautify" one pair of the many hanging out in my closet.  Then I remembered I recently gave away every pair of shoes I couldn't live without to a friend who took a trailer full of donations to Alabama after the tornadoes ripped through there a few months back.  Oh, and don't worry, I still have plenty, I just wear them all as is!
  So I looked around and decided it may be best to buy a cheap pair of flip flops to alter.  So I bought some white ones to match the pair Emma has and brought them and a few craft supplies to the beach.

  But then, life happened.  See these cute sandals I bought at Target?  I have a white pair and these black ones.  I just bought the black pair a week or so ago, but hadn't worn them.  Sunday morning we were rushing to get ready for church and while I slipped my foot into the left one just fine, the elastic strip in the back split away from the plastic leather on the right shoe.  I went to church with a broken shoe!  The fit was great, so I decided to just go with it...I'm on vacation, right??

Please notice the back strap on the back foot is just sadly hanging there.

   I had plans to just sew or glue them back together when I got home, but my Mom suggested just cutting the straps off altogether.  They were obviously fine without them since I'd worn them to church and grocery shopping with one shoe strapped and one shoe without.  So I went with it.  I'm revamping these sandals into flip flops!

  So, easiest DIY shoe revamp ever:
1.  Gather supplies:  sandals, scissors
2.  Cut back straps off each sandal.
3.  Model new flip flops and glory in your one of a kind shoes!  :)

Thank you to my sister for the awesome photos!  :)
What do you think??  I like them.  They're different, and since I have a white pair of the same style, now I have two separate pairs of shoes instead of 2 in different colors.

 As I said, I'm linking up with Jill today.  Go over and check out the other linkups and do a shoe revamp of your own to link up.  It doesn't have to be difficult or involve fancy tools.  See what you can make your own today.  Oh, and for further ideas, Ashley is doing a flip flop refashion series at her blog right now, too.

Oh, and those cheap flip flops I was going to make...I made a prototype and have learned what I can do better to make them cuter.  I will definitely post about them soon.  If only all shoe-making and fixing were this easy, I could have been a cobbler!  Oh well, I'll stick to sewing, probably!  ;)

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