Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Dress for Me

  When I ordered the Twisted Bubble Dress from Burda, I also ordered a tiered mini dress.  By mini dress I guess they mean above the knee, because I saw the same dress on there with an extra tier and they were calling that one a maxi-dress.

  I liked the basic style of this dress and how many options there would be to use it as a base.  You could change the strap design, add pockets, change the bodice to take out the buttons or add a ruffled area, add the extra tier to make it a maxi, remove the bottom tier to make it a top, etc...

  For this dress, I chose an Alexander Henry fabric I had stashed that Chris loves.  All of the other versions of this dress on Burda's site used tiny prints or solids, so I wasn't sure, but I figured if Chris liked it that was good enough for me.  I cut into it and went for it!

   This dress, like the other, had minimal instruction and they did things much differently than I probably would have, but it works.  There are a few places I'm unhappy with.  I didn't quite get what they wanted me to do attaching the straps and they're a little wonky, and my button placement is a little off.  But overall, I am happy with it.  Chris really likes it, so that's good.

I should have turned more, but the back is a racer back-style, but with sharp angles instead of a curved line.
  I have all kinds of ideas floating in my head about alterations to this pattern.  Wouldn't it be cute with a solid front bodice piece instead of buttons, but then adding an insertion of ruffles or lace or something to the front middle.  I'd like to make a maxi version too out of knit...that would be a big step for me!!

  I haven't made clothing for myself in so long that this spring and summer have been enlightening.  I've re-learned a lot about clothing construction (since the old 4-H days) and what fits me and what doesn't.  I've learned that a full bust adjustment is a MUST for me and is worth the time to make sure what I'm going to make fits even if the pattern measurements says it will...

This picture is just for family...Oren acted as my photographer before Chris came out and  then he wanted to get in on all of the photo action...
  I'm happy with each step I take to becoming a better seamstress.  Maybe one day I'll be ready to venture into the land of making clothing for other grownups, but for now...I'll stick to making clothing for other kids.  Kids are straight you know...much easier to work with than all of our grown-up curves.  :)

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  1. Dang, skinny girl!! Looking good. :) I love it, maybe I can be your test subject for another grown-up dress. Oh, And I love sneaky Oren in your photo. Did he do all the other pictures?

  2. I love it! I really want a whole closet full of maxi dresses (although the ankle kind - unlike your pattern directions...very tricky of them). And making my own would give me such variety of fabric.

  3. You did an AMAZING job!! I LOVE that dress so much! I am a huge fan of prints on a large scale and I think it keeps that dress fun, summery and chic! Was it just a cotton fabric? Did you line it?
    Great job!

  4. Oh, I LOVE that fabric! Although, with my sewing skills, it would have to become a pillow or curtains. lol

    P.S. My little girl is an Emma too. :o)


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