Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I love linkups

 You know how I'm always going on about the inspiration you can find at linky parties.  Well, a few weeks back, I saw this skirt from Katy at Sweet Verbena.
photo courtesy of Katy @ Sweet Verbena

 I thought it was super cute and EASY.  So I bookmarked it and the next time I went to the fabric store I picked out some cute knit fabric.  Yep, I bought some knit and made something with it.  Sure, I've used knits before, but they were usually t-shirt refashions or adjustments to store-bought clothing, etc.  But, I have braved the world of knit and come back to brag about it.  (haha)

  Honestly, the hardest part about this skirt was stopping long enough to really use the amount of pins necessary to keep these layers where they were supposed to be.  I am a non-pinner in quilting when I can get away with it, but this material is so slippery, even when pinned it would move, so a lot of pins was my key to success.  The construction couldn't be easier!

  I didn't hem it at all, and I did leave the underlayer just a little big longer.  I didn't like that it is definitely the wrong side of the fabric showing in that under layer, but I did like that it added just a little extra length and the idea of more coverage.  And to flip it was going to require cutting and more seams, so no thanks.  Because of the slipperiness, the bottom layer is a little longer than I was going for.  I was going for a quarter inch longer so that they would kind of roll up together.  It looks like I ended up closer to an inch, but whatever.  When I asked Chris to take pictures he took a few and then asked if it was done.  Like, wasn't I going to finish the bottom of it?  I take it he's not a fan of the bottom layer...

   So, what do you think?  Keep the bottom layer or cut it even?  I like that it's a bit different and adds some interest to it, but if it looks wierd, than I don't want the interest in the skirt to be that it looks messed up.

P.S.  I wanted to make sure and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad today!!  I am extremely blessed to have such an awesome guy to call my father.  He is funny, kind, loving, and completely supportive.  Have a great day, Dad!!!


  1. I've always heard that knits are so easy, but they do take some extra attention IMHO. Your skirt is cute. Not sure about the bottom layer (hard to tell without seeing it in person)...but I might be tempted to add a thin trim or piece of lace to it to make it look more intentional.

  2. Hey Kelli! So weird I commented on this the other day but I don't see my comment there. Blogger is weird sometimes. Anywho, I think it turned out so cute! I like your fabric better than mine hah. I like the double layer, but that's just me. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I LOVE seeing people use my tutorials!

  3. Love the fabric choice! You are definitely sewing so many awesome things! Maybe since the bottom layer is 1 inch too long, just take the bottom hem and fold it up towards the top (not under like a normal hem) until the raw edge is slightly hidden under your top layer, pin and sew. It would show the good side of the fabric and still be two laters and you could leave the raw edge instead of double folding it.?? Just a thought! Have fun at the beach :)


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