Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

  So, I'm home from vacation and just got my machine back from the shop yesterday afternoon.  I took it in to be serviced while I was gone so I wouldn't miss any real time with it.  I've got so many ideas, my list of WIPs is growing by the day, and since I have actual progress to show in them, I'm ready to link back up with Lee and her WIP party.

  I'm knee deep in the Summer Sampler QAL (quilt-along).  I missed all 3 of last week's blocks while I was gone and since I just got my machine block I missed Monday's too.  So, that's 5 blocks to make up counting today's, but I'm making 2 of each, so I've got 11 to get made since I only made one mosaic before we left for the beach.  It sounds overwhelming, but, I'm really enjoying the blocks so far.  And I've never properly paper-pieced before (only string quilt blocks), so I'm actually really looking forward to it.  Here are my fabrics all laid out to make it easier for me to choose what I want for each block and some of my blocks cut out waiting on some sewing.

  I've also got a "secret" project I'm working on for Jenny's upcoming Sew Chic Refashion series at her blog.  She's asked a bunch of bloggers (many who are much more famous than me) to participate and we'll all be sharing a refashion we've done.  You should check it out.  I'll remind you.  :)

  I've also got fabrics layed out for some other projects I've got coming up, so while they're not yet in progress, they will be soon!

  Be sure to visit Lee and check out everyone else's WIP.  Great inspiration...


  1. Neat! I hope you keep posting here and show us your refashion!!

  2. Good luck with the paper piecing & kaleidoscope catch up! It's worth it!

  3. Great plan to have your machine serviced while you're on vacation & wouldn't be using it anyways. A couple months ago I thought I might have to take mine in & dreaded the thought of not being able to use it for a week or two.

    Good luck getting caught up on the QAL blocks, you've got great fabrics picked out!

  4. the refashion things sounds interesting...especially since I don't exactly know what you mean by it.


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