Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Sampler Blocks 2 & 3

  So I had the post for block 2 written up and ready to post and promptly forgot about it yesterday! I'm just adding Block 3 to the end of it and saving y'all some reading, 'kay??  We are headed to the beach for a week in the morning, so I have a few posts that I HOPE to post, but I'll have to play it by ear with the internet service and the scheduled posts don't always get along...

Block 2:  Greek Cross
  Faith brought us our block today (Wednesday) and it's the Greek Cross.  She is doing her sampler quilt in all solids and I love it!  I almost waited till I could order/buy some solids to make mine like that too, but in the spirit of destashing I went with stuff I already had.
   Here's Faith's.  Don't you love it??

Greek Cross block courtesy of Fresh Lemons

  So, like Monday's block, I made two.  I think I'm going to double the quilt (making two of each block) so that I'll have 24 blocks to work with.  That'll give me a 4 foot x 6 foot quilt roughly if I don't add borders.  I'm not sure what I'll do with this quilt yet, but I just don't care for square quilts unless they're for babies and the kids don't need a 3 foot x 4 foot lap quilt.

  Again, I'm using a Make Life... layer cake with coordinating prints and solids thrown in.

  Just like the first block, these were super easy and I think they would be great as a one-block quilt, where this block was repeated over and over again.  I think you could do something special with the diamonds that form in between the blocks.

Block 3:  Mosaic
  And today's block is from Lee.  I love Lee and her style.  Here is her block:

And here is mine.  I only made one tonight because although this block is not difficult, I still have a ton of things to do before we leave tomorrow including some dessert with my kids.  I'll make the other one in the morning before we go or when we get back.  I'll be 3 (or 6 in my case) blocks behind when we get back anyway, so what's adding one more, right??

  Here are my five blocks altogether.  The gray I used today came in the layer cake and I used it all up...There's a gray with a small pattern that may read close enough if I want to continue to use the same "solid" for each block.  We'll see...

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  1. They all look so great together! Can't wait to see more - we've got some fun ones in store this week. : )


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