Friday, August 5, 2011

Dresses for a Cause

  A few months back my cousin emailed me & asked if I'd be willing to make up something for an auction coming up in September.  Its a fund raiser for an adoption organization close to her heart.  I was glad to help and decided to whip up two little dresses.  Then of course, life got in the way (it's that orange in me...) and it's now August...

  But, they're done and (I think) they're cute.  I made two all-season-jumpers based on the tutorial from Kindershop that I downloaded eons ago knowing I'd eventually use it for something.  I figured with the auction in September in St. Louis, it would soon be cooling off and jumpers easily made the transition to fall and winter.  I used Beatrix's measurements for a 3T, but as Emma is finally becoming a size 7 in width as well as length, I'm not sure if the measurements are spot-on or not.

  Both main fabrics have been used in various projects before. Since I didn't add pockets or embroidery, I used a decorative stitch on my machine for the bodice top stitching on the brown and pink dress.  I thought it was a sweet little touch.  The bodice may or not be a Kona Cotton from JoAnn.  I can't remember.  It's a scrap from Emma's mermaid quilt.  I'm all about using every bit around here.

  The purple fabric has that little pop of red in the princess crowns that really brightens it up.  And since I used a patterned but very plain white for the bodice, I added red piping to the bodice seam.  I thought the white was too stark against the purple, but the red added just that little punch to make it work.  I also used a red zipper for this dress.  My zipper skills improve each time, and I don't find them difficult anymore, but man do I have trouble keeping the top 100% even.

  At any rate, they are done except for a final check that all threads are cut.  So, I am linking them up with a new-to-me blog.  Angie at Stitching by Starlight has just started her Finished it Friday party and I'm going to  join up this week.  Go check out what everyone else has finished up and share some love!!
I usually have trouble with vertical pictures turning horizontal on I had trouble with a  horizontal picture turning vertical...what???
  Hopefully these dresses will be used to help fund an adoption that will lead to a happy family.  Did you have any idea that adoptions can cost more than $10,000???  And that's in-country adoptions, right here at home.   I'm glad to do a small part in helping.  My main and favorite job in life is being Mommy, and if making two little dresses can someone else have that job too, then I am more than happy to help.

Finished it Fridays!


  1. The dresses are beautiful - and I love the heart detailing! Makes me wish I had little girls to sew for. Gorgeous!

  2. Love the dresses!! What a great cause, too :o)


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