Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MIBM on Tuesday--Seeing Red

Isn’t it funny when you come up with a great idea only to see that someone else had the same one.  Chalk it up to “Great Minds think alike” I guess.  This week for Jill’s Made it by Monday Challenge, she gave us the prompt “Red.”  We could go where we wanted with that.

I tried to think of a bunch of different crazy ideas, but then I looked over at my refashion pile and saw an old red and white gingham dress that I’ve been meaning to turn into something else.  I’ve had the dress for years (tried to find a picture of me wearing it, but couldn’t).  There’s nothing wrong with it, it just wasn’t a favorite.  The neckline was a little low, but not so low that it was easy to find a shirt to go underneath that didn’t look weird, you know what I mean?

I don't know why I look so, so serious in this pose other than I was taking these with my timer and hoping to get lucky.  Maybe I was concentrating too hard!

So…I hacked it off at the empire waistband.  Then I had trouble making the zipper work at it’s shortened length, so I just took it out too.  The skirt actually fits great without any need for closure or even elastic really, so I just sewed up the zipper opening and folded over the top and sewed a thin waistband.  It will always need a belt or to have my shirt untucked since the waist is a little loose (with no closure, it had to be loose enough to go over my hips!), but for such a simple skirt, I think the belt added a lot anyway.

So, sorry for no progress pictures, but it literally took all of 5 minutes…

And why did I mention the whole “Great minds think alike” comment…well, it’s because Jill also made a red and white skirt this week.  She also wore it with a white shirt, and she also posed out front of her house for some simple pictures.  I promise, I didn’t meaningfully copy Jill’s ideas in participating this week (even though my post comes a day later!!)

I guess it just means Jill and I are both brilliant since we have such great minds, huh?

make it by monday

Pop on over to Made it on Monday to see Jill’s awesome skirt and everyone else who linked up.  And if you’ve got something making you see red, why not link up your project, too.


  1. I love it, too! I love how it's a larger sized gingham - too small would look like kids wear. Great skirt! You are always making things that fit you perfectly. I always mess up somehow when it comes to making clothes for myself. The dress I wanted to make - complete fail! The gathers came out too bulky but at least I put in a zipper that worked :) Oh and I love that baby blanket you made.


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