Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sneak Peek

We're under a storm cloud that won't go away...I'm talking two days of rain with no end in sight, so me and the sewing machine haven't been spending any time together as I've been trying to keep my kids busy and argument-free.  I HAVE been busy moving over a TON of my old bookmarks onto Pinterest.  I can pull up a few bookmarks, check on the kids, pin a few things, check on the kids, etc.  What do you think:

                                                                    Source: icandyhandmade.blogspot.com via Kelli on Pinterest

                                                                           Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Kelli on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: freshlypieced.blogspot.com via Kelli on Pinterest

I have great taste, right?  Just kidding.  The internet is full of so many great ideas.  I could spend all day pulling them and pinning them!!  It's the getting to them and figuring out where to put them that's the problem!!

But this afternoon, I've got Oren laying down for a little while and Emma's down at the barn helping her Daddy, so I've got the embroidery machine working...check back in a day or so for the results...  Any guesses on what it might be??

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