Thursday, August 4, 2011

Orange, hmm...Interesting

  So, the last two days saw Chris at a workshop learning how to be a mentor teacher.  He wasn't thrilled with going as he HATES meetings of any kind and would rather just be in his classroom doing what he does, but nonetheless, he was in an workshop.

  Part of the workshop involved a personality quiz to help them learn more about themselves, as well as the new teachers they would be mentoring.  They used the True Colors test found here.  It's free and quick to do.  They then tell you a little about yourself.  I'm guessing the workshop coordinators had purchased the extensive readings that go with it because he knew more about each color than I learned.  He told me he was a Gold with Green right behind.  He said a number of the teachers in the workshop ended up with Gold on top.  He said Gold people were rule-followers, responsible, dependable, etc.

   I told him I'd take it today and I did.  There are only 5 questions.  Each question has 4 groups of 3 words each and you rate the groups from least-like-you to most-like you.  I think it should say something about my personality that I in turn agonized about which group of words best described me and then impulsively just chose and moved on.  ;)    I had trouble with some of the groupings because I felt one or two words described me but the third one did not, or that I felt I was all or none of the words.  And, yes I took the test more than once because I wasn't sure I'd really described myself correctly.  Also something to think about myself, yes??

  But in the end, Orange won out.  Blue was a close second, with Gold not too far behind.  Poor Green and I obviously do not see eye to eye because it was a DISTANT 4th!  According to the site, orange people are spontaneous and courageous.  We are hands-on learners and enjoy competition.  We also need fun and variety in our work.  Chris laughed when I told him what I'd got.  He said yesterday during the workshop he said out loud "I think I am definitely married to an orange!!"  haha  He also told me that Orange people have a tendency to have great ideas and ramrod (I prefer the word encourage) others into following their ideas, but often need a Gold to come in to complete the project.  While I'd rather not focus on the "loses focus quickly, not detail-oriented" way he described it, this is an accurate representation of me.  My idea list is MUCH longer than my accomplished list.  I am enthralled with Pinterest, knowing I will not make half of what I pin.  I set out with accomplishable goals that are eventually forgotten.  Yes, I think I am very much an Orange.  But I was glad to see that Blue and Gold came in close behind...that means I'm well-rounded, right?  I'm going with that, anyway!

  I also find it interesting that Green and Gold are similar (Chris's strengths) and Blue and Orange are similar (my strengths).  We obviously complement each other well as I already knew.  I am always trying to convince my level-headed and practical husband about some off-the-wall thing we need or should do.  He's often reminding me why said crazy notion may not be the best option.

  So, readers...what about you?  I think that as in life, crafters will come in all colors/personality types.  But I wonder if there are more of one color than another.  Are there lots of other Oranges like me with languishing WIP/UFO piles because we've moved on to the next shiny thing we see?  (Although I do limit myself on how many projects I can start at one time for that exact reason!!)  Are there many Golds  that follow all the rules and finish one project at a time with perfect corners and straight lines?  Or Greens that wholely enjoy the thought process of making patterns and figuring out how to do something?  And what about Blues?  Do you enjoy the socializing of a quilting group or a knitting circle?  Do you love to craft for others?

  Tell me what you scored and how that defines your sewing/crafting style?  I find this all very interesting indeed!

P.S.  I can't post something without a picture, so here is a preview of one of the dresses I'm working on...details on both dresses coming tomorrow!

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  1. Great quiz! I was a gold with an orange right behind. But I'm totally not organized and I usually am running late, so I think I thought too hard over those answers :) I like the jumpers for charity you made. How did you add the piping? Do you have a certain foot?


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