Monday, August 15, 2011

Make it by Monday Challenge--Dress under $10

  I haven't linked up with Jill in a few weeks, but I thought this theme sounded fun.  Dress for under $ immediate thought was to make a dress for under $10, but it could just as easily mean create a whole outfit for under $10.
make it by monday

  I knew exactly what my project would be.   Down here in the South, especially in a small town, school spirit is something you don't grow out of.  The high school football field is the place to be on Friday night and school colors are seen all over town on Fridays.  I found an old polo shirt in the back of Chris' closet in our local high school's colors.  It was his Friday shirt for a long time, but he's now moved up a size...   I decided to cut it down for Emma to give her a new dress for Fridays.

  I sewed new side seams, cut down the sleeves and re-attached them, hemmed it a little...and it still looked like she was wearing Chris' shirt.  I took everything in a little more...nope, still Daddy's shirt.  I waited till Chris got home and asked his opinion.  He didn't answer, letting me know that it looked like Daddy's shirt.  His suggestion--hang it in her closet till next year.  She'll have grown enough by then hopefully to fill it out a little.  So, that's what I did.

  But now I needed a new plan to link up with Jill.  So, I took the other approach.  I shopped our closets to make a new outfit for Emma that was free.  It will need a new belt (since I had to use Oren's), but that will be our only cost.  So, how'd I do it?

  Well, while Daddy's shirts are WAY too big for Em, mine aren't.  Mine are the perfect tunic length for little Miss Long Legs, so we threw on a shirt I never liked on me anyway, layered over a white t-shirt.  We added in some black leggings, flats, and a belt and I think she looks pretty cute!

  Emma is just beginning to really care about fashion.  She's always been very picky about what she wore, but she's just beginning to really look at what other people wear and what's in the stores.  I think its very interesting to watch her develop her own personal style and see how much influence I have on that style.  Some days--I can see myself, and other's NOT AT ALL!!

This is her attempt at a sassy face.  Which should tell you something about the  kind of sassy girl she is...

  So, here's my outfit for under $10.  Shop your closet and see what you can come up with.  And don't forget to head over to Jill's to see what everyone else has come up with too.

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  1. That is adorable and so is your daughter.


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