Monday, September 19, 2011

And, done!

  So, how many of you out there ever take on commission work?  You know, when someone says "Don't you sew/have an embroidery machine?  Could you make this for me???"  Usually I don't mind, because it doesn't happen much and I get the double bonus of helping someone out and making a little extra money.

  The issue I have with commission work is that it often involves something I wouldn't normally make.  Which can sometimes be great and inspiring and sometimes be frustrating and annoying.  I had a little bit of both with my latest project.

 A friend from school asked me if I could copy something she found online for her granddaughter's birthday.  The outfit they found was an entire set and they just wanted the onesie portion of it.  And, they couldn't believe the cost.  That should have been a clue to me that this project was going to take a lot of time, but I jumped right in.
Please excuse the threads and loose ends on this and all remaining photos.  I had about 5 minutes to take this pics today, so I finished them up, ran outside, snapped and have to work with what I got...

  She wanted the number one embroidered with Minnie's face and her granddaughter's name below.  I quickly found embroidery patterns for what I was looking for and put my design together.  But, as sometimes happens when using new embroidery designers and combining patterns, something went wrong.

  I don't know what the problem was (although I think it may have just been that the onesie size is so small because the big one turned out fine), but the applique fabrics kept tearing away from the satin stitching.  She gave me 3 onesies and wanted 2 embroidered.  I ended up using all 3.  One came out well.  One came out okay and one came out ridiculously bad and embarrassing!!

This little head is on the cute will that be crawling or toddling around?  It's my favorite part of the whole ensemble.

  But in all, I thought it was a very cute design and hope she is happy with them.  The Mommy wanted a matching shirt, so with a quick change in text, she's all set too.  I hope little Miss Chesley has a very happy first birthday and that she rocks her party.

  I'll be linking this project up to the usual places.  Check out my Where I party tab at the top for details.  I've said it before, linky parties are a great place to find new inspiration and great blogs.  Click over if you get a chance!!

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  1. I think they are darling. If people only knew how much work went into stuff like that. I love the little minnie on the bumsie, super cute!Q


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