Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend, or at least refreshed for the week ahead.  I had a good one. It was fairly quiet, but that is a good thing sometimes, don't you think?  Emma and I went to a friend's bridal shower on Saturday afternoon and the shower was housed in the back of a local antiques store.  We looked around the shop while we waited for the shower to start and it had a TON of old sewing machines for sale.  I would have taken pictures if I'd had my camera.  I even saw the machine my Mother-in-law gave me (minus the cabinet which mine has) when Chris and I were first married.  It was marked $95 which made me laugh.  Good to know I've got over $100 sitting as a display in my hallway...

I also got some sewing time this weekend.  I remembered that my Scrapbuster Swap deadline was coming up next week.  Remember when I made the mosaic blocks for that swap?  Well, I took a couple of rounds off, but I joined back up this time.  The swap is for postage stamp blocks.  And yes, I have a postage stamp quilt top all done and ready to be basted and why did I sign up for this swap?  Well, first, I just missed the swapping and anticipation of what will come in the mail.  But I also thought it would be fun to take these full-color blocks (since my top uses white as the alternate block) and incorporate them into the back for my quilt.  That way, it'll be two-sided, and full of fun. I'm almost done and should have these done to mail off this week ahead of schedule!!

We are in a torrential downpour this afternoon, so I had to take these pictures inside with no natural lighting...I'll take new ones tomorrow!

And, as I said I would, I went through my yarn stash.  I decided to just start at the top and work down through the overly-large stash for someone who is such an on-again, off-again knitter.  So...I grabbed these two skeins of acrylic that I LOVE the colors of and got started.  Since I don't have many circular needles and no double-points, all hats (that I have patterns for) were out, so I'm going with a set of mittens for me.  I'll see how much yarn I have left after that and probably make a hat after that.  It'll be a great excuse to buy some DPNs, right?

I hope everyone has had a great Monday so far...I see the sun starting to poke out here.  I'm ready for fall's cooler, drier weather to start coming in.  Please??

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