Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday # 12

Hello everyone, remember me?  Sorry for the week-long absence.  One of my bestest friends flew in for the weekend and between getting the house cleaned before she got here and catching up and the Gator game while she was here I didn't have a second for crafting or blogging.

And this week I have spent almost every minute of the school day at the kids’ school helping various teachers with various projects…apparently my reputation precedes me.  And before you think I’m bragging, I actually mean my reputation to say “Sure, I’d love to help out,” and not how good I am.  Today was a good reminder that I need to learn to say “No, I’m sorry, I just can’t.” 

So, my sewing machine and I are not on speaking terms right now.  I’ve given it longing looks in passing, but haven’t sat down at it since last Friday.  I had a shirt all ready for the Gator Game and all ready to show off on here for Friday, but ran out of thread as I was finishing up the embroidery for it.  Normally I would have just stopped and put it aside till I could get more thread, but I know that usually means “put it aside forever” so I decided to press on with some blue variegated thread I had instead.  NOPE…craft fail.  The shirt came out super cute, but where I’d had to use the variegated just looked bad.  

So, my only completion this week is some blog updating.  What do you think?  I went with a super-big header that is very different from anything I've done in the past.  But I noticed lots of people were doing photos in their header, so I jumped on board.  I also played around with my sidebars.  I wish I knew more about html, but I'll get there...

And, at least I've got works in progress.  So, how better to jump back into blogging than with some WIP action:  

Works in Progress:
--I don't have any new Summer Sampler blocks finished, but I do have some cut and ready to sew.  I'm on Kate's Evening Star block.  I've been looking forward to this one because it's so neat-looking.  Here's Kate's:
Kate's Evening Star block

I'm thinking I'm going to leave my corners white, but I love the look of this one.  Can't wait to get started on it.  Paper piecing, here I come!

Here are my cut out pieces waiting for a free moment to sew...

--Oren's Greek Cross quilt still has no progress other than the decision to add in some greens thanks to some commenters last week.  I've bought a few more additions in the last week and can't wait to get cutting on this one!  Pictures next week (hopefully)...
 --I haven't given up on my embroidery sampler yet, but I haven't worked on it much either.  I've got the sewing machine french knots about done and I think it will be a fairly easy finish after that.  I took it to dance class this week and worked on it while Emma plie-ed and toe-pointed for an hour and that helped.  We don't have to stay at dance class for the hour now that she's in an older class, but it's a quiet hour that I can do something uninterrupted and I like to be there for her when she comes out for a water break or something.

Yes, my sewing machine is tri-colored.  I thought I had the same color and was 1 knot in when I realized it wasn't, so I decided to just go with it... 

Poor, lonely Unfinished Projects that have been cast aside:
--"Sent with Love" postage stamp quilt.  It looks so sad peeking out of my WIP basket knowing it's not far from being done and just needs a little love.

--Mosaic Swap quilt.  Actually, I think this one needs one more row sewn on before I can quilt it.  But I haven't touched it in like 2 months, so I'm not sure on that one.  ;)

--Fall Pops quilt.  This one goes back before blogging...  Oops!

Go check out Lee's linkup to see what she's been up to and all of the other great bloggers that link up too!  And here's to progress...may we all have some on those never-ending to-do lists this week!!


  1. Great new look! Your header...banner...whatever that thing is called up on top looks super! Hope you get some sewing time soon!

  2. I like the banner and would love to know how you did it or what program/website you used. Very cute!

  3. I really like your new header and blog layout!

  4. Me too, on the layout & header! You've got lots of great projects going on, if you can just get to them. I know exactly what you mean about casting longing looks at your machine as you pass by!


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