Friday, September 16, 2011

Too Much


  So, remember how on Wednesday I said I'd been so busy I needed to learn how to say no...  Well, I learned.  Unfortunately, that lesson came from me spending the night sleeping on my bathroom floor because I was literally too exhausted to go back and forth to my bed. I'll leave it there, no need to go into detail about why I kept going back to the bathroom, right?? Chris found me this morning, demanded that I get in bed and told me that he'd be emailing the kids' teachers to say I wouldn't be in today.  He also got the kids up and ready for school and took them this morning for me.  Now understand that Chris is usually gone for work before I get up in the mornings.  He's an early bird and so he just gets up and gets his day started.  But he sacrificed his uninterrupted time to grade the mountain of papers on his desk to help me because he's that good of a guy.  It sounds little, but that's what life is made of...little moments that add up to prove love and kindness.

                            Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

I slept in until almost 10.  10!  That's unheard of at this house.  No one (other than me) would dream of sleeping when it's light outside, so to have that extra few hours of stress-free rest was a God-send.  I am feeling better, but I'm not planning on running any marathons this weekend.  A few more days of rest and I'll be back to normal.

Isn't this lovely?  So refreshing and clean...

  But this week is a good reminder that life keeps moving whether you are ready or not.  You choose the pace you run life at.  Even when things are going in a million directions, we each have the opportunity to slow down, to say no to a few obligations, to remember to look around and enjoy the life that is speeding by.  I can make myself available to help others while still finding time for myself--I just need to find a way to make it work instead of just piling it all on my plate.

  When I get overwhelmed like I was this week I look at my life and always think of the old saying "Jack of all trades and master at none."  And I it better to be very involved and do a moderately good job with lots of things, or is it better to do only a few things, but be very good at them?

                                             Source: via Kris on Pinterest

So...what do you think?  Are you a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, or do you keep yourself limited to only what you truly need to do/enjoy the most?  And this goes for all aspects of life...responsibilities, activities with the kids, crafting choices, etc.

p.s...To end on a high note--I realized when looking at the calendar last week that it's been almost one year since I started blogging.  And I can't believe it's come this far.  What do you think...giveaway???  I'll be thinking about something good and let you know!

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  1. Im like you. I used to refer to myself as a generalist, i know a little bit about everything but im not an expert on anything. It came in really handy with my job at the time... the knowing a little bit about everything part... lately ive been slowing down and focusing on being the best at the few things i do. I am trying to be better at running my restaurant, better at quilting, being a better spouse and well, this being a step mom to adult children, thats a whole new ball game and boy can it take some of my time.


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