Friday, September 2, 2011

Finished it Friday

Happy Friday everybody!!  And it's a long weekend for most of us.  I know my kids and husband are glad.  This school stuff wears you out!

  Since I actually got a few things done this week, I thought I'd link back up with Angie for her Finished it Friday party.  Let's see...this week, I got a new skirt done, a few blocks for my Summer Sampler Quilt done, and a blanket done for a friend of mine's little boy.  With as busy as we've been in the last few weeks, I'd call that major success!

Finished it Fridays!

  So here goes:
  I blogged about this skirt here.  It's just a simple refashion from an old dress.  But maybe I'll get more wear out of it now...

  I managed to complete my six-point star blocks this week, leaving me with only 5 (meaning 10 for me) blocks to go.  I posted my green star block on Wednesday, but I went back and ripped out my rows in hopes that I could do a little better sewing up those points.  Not much, but maybe a little.  I made my second one in blue.  Both of these came out a little short...I'm guessing the template printed a little small.  I didn't worry about it because I'm going to border them all and just cut the borders to the same size.

I think I'm ready for some squares and rectangles after all of this iffy triangle piecing!!!  ;)

   And, yesterday I sewed this little baby together for a friend's little boy.  I just did a quick right-sides-together sew around the outside (leaving a 5ish-inch opening on one side) and then just flipped it right-sides-out and topstitched.  I forget how good it feels sometimes to just do something quick, easy, and cute.  I should put more things like this on my to-do list to help out with that always-working, never ta-da feeling at the end.  As simple as it was, I felt very satisfied and proud of the end result.  Hopefully Waylon will get many good naps under it this year. :)

  Along with the volunteering I did this week and a dentist appointment for me, I'm considering this a good week.  I'm actually hoping it's the path back into a schedule.  I love to help out at school, but I need time for me too.  Sewing and quilting is part of what makes up me.  Not the part of me that's Emma and Oren's Momma, not the part of me that's Chris' wife, not the part of me that's a sister, daughter, friend, volunteer, etc, but the part of me that is Kelli all by myself.  It's so easy to lose that part when you've got so many hats to wear, but when creative opportunities suffer, I find that other parts of my life suffer as well.

  So take some time for you this weekend.  Do something you enjoy, that's part of who you are.  Make time for yourself...even if its only 15 minutes!

  Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll be back soon with more fall inspirations!


  1. Beautiful blocks, and I love Waylon's quilt. You're right - sometimes it is nice to do something that's a quick finish! :)

  2. as far as I can tell, it is pretty consistent...

    You've got so many lovely things going on. Never tried triangles, lol, and probably never will, although your pictures made me want to for a second, but then it passed.

    I love that puppy quilt. Was the top a panel?


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