Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Do any of y'all read Rachel's blog at Stitched in Color?  She posted a few confessions the other day and asked for everyone to tell theirs.  I thought it was so interesting.  From reading most of the comments (there were well over 200!), I found that I am not alone in certain likes and dislikes.  Come to find out there are many of us that don't fall in love with every new line that comes out.  There are many of us who can't afford to or flat don't want to buy every new pre-cut that comes out.   There are many of us who shop at JoAnn Fabrics and we're okay with that.

  So, why does it take Rachel asking us to tell our darkest quilting secrets to find out we're not alone?  I guess that the sewing world and it's cliques and groups within it are just like life.  Most of us are afraid to step too far out of the popular circle for fear of never getting back in it.

  Life only comes around once and you get one chance to live it like you want.  It's hard to step away from the pack sometimes, but I'm trying to remember that making others happy doesn't always make me happy.  Making myself happy will only make it easier for me to make others happy in return.  Of course, I'm not saying to forget the golden rule.  Not at all.  In fact, sometimes making others happy is an easy way to bring joy to your own life.  What I mean, is that saying I like something or agreeing to do something only because I think everyone else is doing it is not the way to bring joy to my life, and in turn, to other's lives either.
     I give everyone permission to go out and do your own thing today.  Skip in a crowd, wear a crazy shirt you love, sew something breaking all the rules...whatever makes you feel special and unique.  Because if we were all the same, then who would ever create new things for people to love anyway?
These 3 make me very happy.  This is from the Beach 2 summers ago, and everyone who knows us personally will know this is picture is them in a nutshell!

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  1. great advice! and you've got a great family there. :)


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