Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Summery Top for me!

Hi everyone!  I’m back today with a quick post about the strapless shirt I made on Saturday.  I didn’t take pictures along the way because it really is that simple, but I’ll tell you what I did. 

Does anyone else scrunch up their face every time they use their camera?  Oh, it's just me...well, then.

I bought this simple knit t-shirt at Walmart from one of their $3 displays. I liked the color and the fit was good, so I didn’t want to change it too much.  But I thought a strapless look might be cute.  I laid the shirt down on my cutting board and lined the ruler up with the bottom of the sleeves.  Since my shirt was striped, this was even easier.  I had a built in level!  I just cut straight across, cutting off the sleeves and neckline/shoulders.

Then I just folded over about an inch (again, I just used the stripes as a measurement) and pressed it.  I had half-inch elastic handy, but you can just fold down a little more than the size of whatever size elastic works for you.  I stitched this down, leaving a hole to thread the elastic through.  (Because this was just for me and knits don’t ravel, I didn’t even worry about folding up the raw edge.)  Here’s where I forgot I was working with knits and used a straight stitch.  Be sure to use a stretch stitch on your machine so you don’t pull the stitches out like mine did in a few places.  Oh, and switch to a ballpoint needle, they work much better for knits.  I did at least remember to switch needles.  If you’ve never worked with knit fabrics and that made no sense, let me know or just google sewing with knits!  ;)

Now, measure your chest around and cut the elastic just a little smaller than that.  This is one place we want to make sure the fit is good and tight…especially because we’ll be wearing it during the hot and sweaty summer months.  Don’t want this baby slipping and sliding off, do we??

Once I had the elastic cut, I pulled it through, sewed it up and sewed up my casing.  Then with the extra pieces, I cut strips and gathered them to make little flowers and hand-sewed them on the “neckline.”  I thought it made for a simple, quick, but cute little top.  And it’s versatile too.  Depending on the amount of scrap fabric you cut off in the beginning, you can make little halter ties and tack them down to the inside front.  Or, buy a shirt in a bigger size than you need and cut a small hole in the hem and use it as a casing for elastic or a drawstring for a blousy look.  You could put an embroidery or appliqué design on it.  Or go crazy with flowers or ruffles along the top or side. 

I’ll be linking up again to some great parties.  Check out the list here, and make sure to go see all the great goodies these ladies have for ya.  Summer clothing should be simple and fuss-free.  Don’t you think?  What do you love to wear all summer long?


  1. Love this, fast and easy! I wear a lot of long skirts in the summer-they always seem cool and breezy and I don't have to worry if I need to bend over!

  2. Can't wait to see that top at our "beach" week!!

  3. Hey Kelli! OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT! What an awesome and fun top and tutorial! Yellow looks super Summery :)I need to check out old T-Shirts I have and tweak them into something new and fresh.

  4. aw so cute!! i love the bright yellow - perfect color for summer!!!!!! Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!! Hope to see ya again this week :)


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